Andre Costa

“Heena’s critique was very comprehensive, careful and true. Both her general and punctual analysis, chapter by chapter, produced an immediate sense that my work as a whole is on the right track, though she made accurate and valuable recommendations on aspects of the book that require extra effort. I am very happy with her critique and very confident.”

Author: Heena Rathore P.

Heena is a published writer, novel critic and the chief editor at a local publishing house. Presently she is completing her degree in English Literature while also completing courses in Psychology from various international universities such as Yale University. She is a recipient of 2k20 Influential Women Award (Literature) and Top 100 Debut Novels By Indian Authors 2019. She is also a member of the Indian Author’s Association. Her works include Deceived, her debut novel, Life In Reverse: Big Bang Of Non-Fiction (co-author) and Pandemic, a collection of short stories (releasing by the end of 2020)