Game Night

Genre: Hillbilly Fiction

Jon (L,) Jon’s mother (M) and Jon’s father (R)

Jon enters the house with a bright smile on his face. The moment I see him grinning from ear to ear, I smile at him and raise me eyebrows, “What did yer get for me today?”

He shrugs as if tis no big deal and points behind him with a flick of his thumb and says, “The usual.”

I scurry outside leaving Jon in the hall and help his father lift up the heavy game from the trunk of the truck and bring it inside. I can see the anger in his eyes for Jon’s tone. He can be a little selfish at times, but he’s only 25, for god’s sake. I shake me head at him failing to understand why he is so hard with Jon.

As we make our way inside, I see Jon drinking lemonade straight outta the jug and smile at him, “Go ahead and finish it, I’ll make another batch for yerr father.”

Jon gives me a crooked smile spilling half a mouthful on his jeans and sofa and seeing this his father leaves the room mumbling curses.

I shake me head again and sit beside Jon. I lift up the corner of me skirt and wipe his mouth and jeans. Poor lad, working so hard at such a young age.

The game squirms once from under the sack, making me jump.

Jon gets up and kicks it hard, laughing. The squirming stops.

I can see how much Jon enjoys it. I can see the anticipation in his eyes.

Tonight after a long time, we’ll be having real meat.

Nowadays, there’s hardly any game to hunt in these areas. I said as much to Jon and his father last time they came back empty handed, but both of them are stubborn like asses and won’t listen to me about changing our hunting tactics.

Fools I say. Someday one or the other of the two will end up in a mess. But that’s okay, as long as we have meat in our bellies, we’re good to go. And tonight is going to be a grand feast.

The game in the sack is very heavy and awfully big. I think they got a plump one this time. It might even last us till the next hunt if I’ll ration it properly.

Me mouth salivates at the thought of all the dishes that I can make with the succulent meat. I might even get a big chunk of flesh minced and make meatballs in gravy with just the right amount of blood in them – just the way Jon likes it. I can even make some lasagna for Jon’s father. He might get happy and get me the earrings I saw at the store last month.

Jon comes to me and lifts up me chin is his huge hands and says playfully, “We did our part, now tis yerr turn to get yerr hands dirty.”

I get up and ask him to help me drag the game into the kitchen and when tis done I leave for the basement to get mine special knife set that I keep hidden from Jon.

Placing the big butcher knife on the floor beside me, scared to death that the game might be up and might bite me, I open the sack, half expecting the game to lunge at me. But I see that the game’s still half unconscious, I get it out of the sack with great difficulty. It is a plump one and the sight in front of me lights up me heart. Tis a female. All the more delicious and tender flesh.

I untie her hands and legs and sit in position to slit her throat in one clean stroke with me sharpest butcher knife. I raise me hands, knife clutched firmly in me hands and using the brute force of me heavy build I bring down the knife cutting away the neck in a clean blow.

I try to make out the noise that left the game’s mouth at the last moment before I cut off her throat, I guess she said something like, “Please…”

I shrug and look at me handy work and marvel at me art – No once can do such a clean job of chopping off a human body as me can.


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Clicked – #Blogbattle

BlogBattle is a weekly short story challenge in which participants write short stories using a single word for inspiration. You can visit Blogbattle’s blog to find out more about it at Blogbattle: Inspired To Write.

This week’s word is Photograph.

NOTE: This is a piece of fiction any resemblance to any person or place (living or dead) is purely coincidental.


Image Source: Pixabay

Genre: Horror

I place my digital camera – Sony Cybershot – lightly on the rough wooden surface of the coffee table next to me and crouch down to pick up the books from the lower most levels of the bookshelf. I see Needful Things, Grownup, Catch 22, Catch Your Death, Pet Sematary, Cell, Clifton Chronicles series and several other books sitting nicely stacked against each other.

There’re so many books that it’s past time we got a new bigger bookshelf. Ugggh… How many times will I have to argue with Dom  to get the damn thing? Looks like I’ll have to do it myself.

I shake my head in frustration, huffing a frustrated sigh, and pick up half of the books stacked against each other in the second last level, and gently keep them on the floor beside dozens of other books that rested harmoniously on the cream colored marble floor in lazy heaps.

After putting the remaining half of the books, from the same level, on the floor beside others, I grab my camera and take a few pictures of the books that I just kept on the floor. This is my way of keeping a tab on the books I have. Easy and hassle free.

I press the ‘preview’ button and check the pictures I just took, and that’s when I hear a loud thud from the other room.

What the hell?

I keep the camera as it is with preview window open back on the coffee table facing away from me and go to the bedroom to check.

As soon as I enter the room I feel a cold current of electricity run through my body in a matter of a split second. At it felt like electric current to me. The hair on my arms and legs rise and I stand at my place dumbfounded. I shake my head to get back my bearings and discarding it for a shuddering I enter the room.

The first thing that I notice is that the bedroom, somehow, seems unnaturally placid. I mean there’s obviously no one here, still it feels quaint to be here right now. Trying to ignore a strange feeling rising in the pit of my stomach I look around the room to find everything in order. There’s nothing misplaced or fallen on the ground.

Honestly, I was expecting to see the pile of folded clothes on the floor as I knew the window next to it was open, but when I check, the pile is sitting neatly where I left it in the morning next to the window.

Where did the sound come from? 

Maybe the noise came from the kitchen or outside and I mistook it for the bedroom. In spite of my gut telling me that the noise came from the bedroom, I drop the matter thinking it might have been Tom, the street cat, or some squirrel running around outside the window or maybe a bird or something else.

I return to the study room and make my way to the bookshelf on the right-hand side wall. But as soon as I lower my head to see the floor, I find everything scattered on the floor.

What the fuck?

All the piles of my books are lying on the floor as if someone kicked them. More than a few pages of my once neatly bind books are lying around scattered about the disheveled books. After a few seconds of shock, I notice that most of the books are not only just scattered around the floor, but are torn apart.

My heart starts beating fast thinking about who could have done so. My anger flares up in an instant and I start cursing, Tom, who visits me every now and then. I’m sure now that it is his doing.

It has to be!

I sit down on the floor, picking up the torn books carefully, one by one, trying my best to control the tears welling up in my eyes and that’s when I hear it.


My head snaps up to look at the camera, sitting on the coffee table just where I left it, but instead of facing away from me it is facing at me. My heart starts beating fast but I try to tell myself that I might have kept it like this in the hurry to go to the bedroom, or maybe Tom did it… but I know it’s not possible. I remember clearly how I kept the camera when I left

Click. Click. Click.

I freeze at my place and before I could even blink, a cold shiver runs through my body again. Just like before.

I muster all the courage I could and get up from the floor, not taking my eyes off the camera. Its lens looks like it’s staring right back at me, daring me to see what it has captured.

My heart thumping loudly in my ears I take calculated steps towards the wooden coffee table and my camera. Sweat starts dripping down from the sides of my head and the hair on my neck start to rise as I get closer to the camera.

I stop, just long enough to quickly glance around the room, as if to make sure there’s no one around. I feel completely jittered and my throat starts to feel dry.

I start to rethink the entire situation. Maybe it was my imagination playing tricks on me? Maybe it wasn’t a click that I heard, but some other noise from outside? Maybe Tom is still inside the house trying to find food in the kitchen and making all these noises there?

Or maybe I’m just freaking out?

Click. Click. Click.

I immediately look at the camera and notice that it has shifted a little from it was a minute ago.It is a little sideways now. But how in the hell is it even possible?

I hate to face it, but I guess there’s something around.

I try to back away from the camera carefully, one step behind the other. But just as I reach the place where I was sitting, the clicking starts again.

Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click.

I turn around and dash for the door. As soon as I’m out the room I shut the door behind me. I try to catch my breath but the frantic clicking noise makes me feel dizzy. It’s getting more and more urgent now…

Please, someone, stop it!

Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click…

I cover my ears with my hands and run towards the bedroom. Entering the room I close the door behind me and bolt it shut. I wipe the tears and sweat off my face and feeling increasingly hysterical I pat my pockets searching for my cell phone. But then I realize that I left it next to the shelf on the floor in the study room.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

I sit on the bed and try to steady my ragged breathing. I wait for a few heartbeats to let the feeling of nausea pass and then start thinking about a way to go outside and get my phone back. Dismissing the idea, I look around the room frantically in hopes to find something. Anything.

And that’s when my eyes land on the pile of folded clothes neatly sitting by the window and there, under the bright light of the sun, my eyes land on the camera sitting on top of Dom’s light blue shirt, facing towards me.

And right then, I hear the sound that’ll haunt me for each and every waking second of the rest of my life.


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A Haunting Lullaby

This short story/flash fiction is written for the photo prompt at Describli.

A Haunting Lullaby


Close your eyes, oh my sweet little child.

and let the winds lull you into a deep sleep,

Let the soft moonlight caress your delicate skin.

Let the coldness around you wrap you in its feel,

And let the ground beneath you pat you when you stir,

Let the morning dew cleanse your innocent drool.

Let the distant howlings make you feel not alone

Let the birds’ chirping make your dreams come true.

So what if I’m not with you,

so what if I am not alive…

I will always make sure that the you’re put to sleep-

gently and lovingly…

and that none will ever disturb your sweet slumber.

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Note: All views and opinions shared in this post are my own.

You can other poems by me here: Caged, My Father and Loosing My Brother. Registered & Protected  FMA3-HX9S-JNJN-TOSV

Free – After A Long Time

This short story/flash fiction is written for the photo prompt at Describli.

Photo prompt

This is it… Today is the day…

Today I’ll meet him almost after 10 years.

We’ve been complete strangers since the day I left my old town with my mother.

I waited for him to contact me for a long, long time. But he never did. And so, I gave up waiting for him. He was the one who wanted me gone, so how could I have reached out to him. I remember the day he told me to go, he didn’t even come to the station to say goodbye.

At one time, he was my world, my first love, my superhero, my provider, my saviour, my everything. But then, he was nothing.

He didn’t even come when I graduated. He didn’t even come when I got married, he didn’t even come when I had a child, but yesterday night, out of the blue, I got his call, after 10 lonely years, saying only 3 words – Can we meet.

And after the exchange of a few more words, I’m standing here in the rain, waiting for him like I did a lifetime ago. Yes, it does feel like a lifetime. I thought that I’ve learned to live without him, but yesterday after his call, I realised just how much I really missed him and he did in fact, meant something to me after all these years of living my life without him, the most important man in my life.

I tap my feet on the moist ground below me, the crunching of leaves making me more nervous. But why am I nervous? He should be the one who should be nervous, cause he wanted me to leave that day. He was the one who sent me packing to a new town, amongst strangers, alone.

For 3 years I waited for his call day and night. I was so desperate to get him back that I had no idea how to live anymore. So, I did what I had to do to drown my suffering. I got into smoking and drinking. I became a rebel and made my mom hate me for it. I became a loner, a nobody.

But when after 3 years I realised that he will never call me, I finally started to pull my life together. It took me a long, long time. And finally, when I was living a happy life with my family, he rises from the dead and simply calls me. As if we just had dinner last week.

Why? Who the hell does he think he is? How can he even think that he can ask me to see him? And why the hell am I here?

This is a bad idea… I really should not be here. I must go back, to my family who loves me for who I am.

I shake my head and get up from the bench, pulling my raincoat tighter around me.

I’m leaving. He deserves to be stood up. To be left alone.

And just as I’m about to leave… I see him.

He’s walking slowly towards me, from the other side of the road. And as soon as he’s close enough for me to see his face clearly, a sob escapes my mouth.

And somehow, after all, these years of pain and suffering and living like an orphan, I still feel that somehow his presence is going to make everything alright.

After all, he’s my father and he’ll always be.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Note: All views and opinions shared in this post are my own.

Word Of The Week (WOW #36)

Hi guys,

WOW-2Word Of the Week (WOW) is a weekly meme created by Heena Rathore P. (me.)

It’s a fun way to improve one’s vocabulary by learning new words every week.

If you want to participate then simply do a post with your WORD and leave the link to your post as a comment on one of my WOW post.

Here’s this week’s WOW:



Part Of Speech:



  • To be a harbinger of – transitive verb


  • /ˈhɑːbɪn(d)ʒə/
  • har-bin-ger
  • Audio


  • A person or thing that announces or signals the approach of another.
  • A forerunner of something.
  • Something that shows what is coming.


Forewarning, presage, announcer, usher, foretoken


Unanticipated, lack of foreknowledge.

Word Origin:

Middle English: from Old French herbergere, from herbergier ‘provide lodging for’, from herberge ‘lodging’, from Old Saxon heriberga ‘shelter for an army, lodging’ (from heri‘army’ + a Germanic base meaning ‘fortified place’), related to harbour. The term originally denoted a person who provided lodging, later one who went ahead to find lodgings for an army or for a nobleman and his retinue, hence, a herald (mid 16th century).

Usage Note:


Use In Sentences:

  • Witch hazels are considered as the harbinger of spring.

    Image Source
  • Everyone knows the groundhog is the harbinger of a change in seasons.

    Image Source
    Image Source
  • His arrival was considered to be the harbinger of bad news.

    Image Source
    Image Source

Word Of The Week (WOW#34)

Hi guys,

WOW-2Word Of the Week (WOW) is a weekly meme created by Heena Rathore P. (me.)

It’s a fun way to improve one’s vocabulary by learning new words every week.

If you want to participate then simply do a post with your WORD and leave the link to your post as a comment on one of my WOW post.

Here’s this week’s WOW:



Part Of Speech:



  • Fractiously – adverb
  • Fractiousness – noun


  • /ˈfrakʃəs/
  • frac-tious
  • Audio


  • Causing trouble : hard to manage or control or tending to be troublesome : unruly.
  • Full of anger and disagreement.
  • Irritable and quarrelsome.


Grumpy, grouchy, bad-tempered, ill-tempered, ill-natured, uncontrollable, undisciplined, rebellious.


Contended, affable, dutiful.

Word Origin:

Late 17th century: from fraction, probably on the pattern of the pair factionfactious .

Usage Note:


Related idioms and phrases:

  • Having got out of bed the wrong side
  • Badgering someone
  • As cross as two sticks
  • Like a bear with a sore head
  • Out of hand

Use In Sentences:

  • There children are quite fractious.article-0-0C2C3A1B00000578-780_634x480
  • The National Olympic Committee has to hold its fractious members together.
  • She agreed to take part in the dance competition fractiously.
  • His fractiousness repels me.person-804035_640

I hope you guys like this word and hope it’s useful to you in some or the other way! If you want to check out more words like this, then visit my page:

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Word Of The Week (WOW #33)

Hi guys,

WOW-2Word Of the Week (WOW) is a weekly meme created by Heena Rathore P. (me.)

It’s a fun way to improve one’s vocabulary by learning new words every week.

If you want to participate then simply do a post with your WORD and leave the link to your post as a comment on one of my WOW post.

Here’s this week’s WOW:



Part Of Speech:



  • Exaltedly – adverb
  • Exalter – noun


  • /ɪɡˈzɔːlt,ɛɡ-/
  • ex-alt
  • Audio


  • To raise (someone or something) to a higher level.
  • To praise (someone or something) highly.
  • To present (something) in a way that is very favourable or too favourable.


Glorify, extol, praise, magnify, elevate.


Demean, degrade, abase, humiliate.

Word Origin:

Late Middle English: from Latin exaltare, from ex- ‘out, upward’ + altus ‘high’.

Usage Note:

Do not confuse exalt with exult.

Exult: Show or feel triumphant elation or jubilation.

Use In Sentences:

  • The party will continue to exalt their hero.
  • These paintings exalt the imagination.

    Image Source: Pinterest
    Image Source: Pinterest

I hope you guys like this word and hope it’s useful to you in some or the other way! If you want to check out more words like this, then visit my page:

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Autumn (Jessie #4)

Jessie is a Contemporary Fiction short-story series about a girl named Jessie. This series is written on photo-prompts and includes emotional themes of love, family, support, getting over fears, etc.

Each part of this story is written for the photo-prompts at Describli.

You can read the other parts of this series here: Baking A Pie (Jessie #1), Ruined Dreams (Jessie #2) and The Sting (Jessie #3)



Six months later…

I wake up to Juno’s loud barking. He always wakes me up this way and, to be honest, I love it. It makes me feel like he cares for me enough to come running to me first thing after getting up in the morning. It makes me feel needed.

I get out of the bed and go to the big glass window that overlooks the lake in front of my cottage. I wait just for a second, pulling the robe around me tighter, and then I throw back the curtains.

The beautiful view literally takes my breath away. It’s September, the beginning of autumn and everything’s covered in the glorious red-brown leaves in front of the house. Except, of course, the shimmering water of lake. The sunrays are reflecting beautifully at the green water surface of the lake making it look surreal. It feels like I’m living in a storybook.

I stand there, taking in the beautiful view and breathing slowly, peacefully, filling my insides with the pure morning breeze. I smile at a small bird drinking water from the lake and mentally pat my back for deciding to come here.

It’s been six months and here I am, finally, making peace with my decision of leaving that stupid city and coming to this isolated island. I love it here, and I think that I’m starting to get over Riki. I don’t miss him like the way I used to just after he left me.

I really needed this time, alone. It was over due.

Its like he was so utterly perfect for me that I didn’t even give myself a chance to even think about someone else. And now that he’s gone, somewhere inside me, I’m feeling relieved. As if unconsciously I’ve always known that I’d always liked him, but maybe not loved him.

Yes, I miss him, but mostly because I was so used to him, like a person is used to eating meds. He was like a drug for me; I though I’d die without him, but in reality, letting him go of him freed me.

It’s hard to live without him because I’ve always been emotionally dependent on him, since childhood. It’s that dependence that I really wanted to get rid of by distancing myself from the city, were there were so many memories.

I feel liberated here. The moment I stepped onto this island, I felt like something inside me got free. Maybe my will. Earlier, I always did what Riki wanted me to do, or more correctly, what he expected me to do. He never directly asked me to do anything, never, it was like, I always knew what he wanted and always did that before he even asked for it. That’s why everyone thought that we were so compatible. That’s why I thought we were so ridiculously compatible.

Maybe it’s the same for him, but I really don’t want to think about him, at least not when he just dumped me.

I scratch Juno’s ears and then go to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. After ten minutes, I’m sitting in the front porch, sipping my coffee and petting Juno. It feels so free to not do anything and relax. Without worrying about what Riki needs. Now that I think of it, my entire life has gone in worrying about him and his small-small needs. I never even let myself think about what I really liked or what I wanted to do.

Riki was such a huge part of my life. We were childhood sweethearts. He is my mother’s best friend’s son so, naturally, we spent almost all our childhood together. When we were teens, he made a lot of other friends, embarrassed to be around a girl all the time, but I was always stuck up on him, alone. I just kept to myself and waited for him to come back to me again. I started dressing up and applying make-up and all those teen-things a girl does to attract guys.

But to my utter disappointment, when we were in high school, he started seeing someone else. It broke my heart, but still I never left hope and once we were in college, Riki was finally able to see my love. It was just a matter of time before he proposed to me for marriage and since that day we’ve been inseparable. That is, until he found someone else.

What a pity, I never realized that I could have done a lot better than this. I should have gone out and made some new friends, but no, I was always too shy to even talk to others. I always kept to myself and always thought that Riki was the one for me, without even actually thinking about it.

I close my eyes and rub my face, sighing deeply. I’m only twenty-four and even though I don’t have a career, I can do what I like now.

I have enough money to last me a lifetime and, now that I don’t have anyone who needs me, I also have enough time. But the question is, do I have the strength to start my life from scratch, especially with a small baby?

The Sting (Jessie #3)

Word Of The Week (WOW #28)

Hi guys! Word Of the Week (WOW) is a weekly meme created by Heena Rathore P. (me.) It’s a fun way to improve one’s vocabulary by learning new words every week. If you want to participate then simply do a post with your WORD and leave the link to your post as a comment on one of my WOW post.


Here’s the WOW for this week :




Word Of The Week (WOW #25)

Hi guys!

Word Of the Week (WOW) is a weekly meme created by Heena Rathore P. (me.) It’s a fun way to improve one’s vocabulary by learning new words every week. If you want to participate then simply do a post with your WORD and leave the link to your post as a comment on one of my WOW post.


Here’s the WOW for this week :





Hello all,

I hope you guys are having a great start to this amazing week! I wasn’t able to write a post for Monday and Tuesday, but I’ve promised myself to be more regular. So here’s my 3rd story for the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge.

Today’s Describli promo is Fear (A Ridiculous Fear) and here’s my story for it:

This is not the prompt’s featured pic. But I like this one better, so I’m using this instead of the featured one.


I took a right turn and came to a sudden stop. I saw it looking at it’sprey. Black eyes bulging out and shining like thick lustrous black liquid. Skin reflecting the light of the setting sun like silk. It’s giant tail doing a sensual dance and it’s breathing dangerously calm.

It stood towering over it’s prey like a mountain in front of an ant. The pray was trembling, crying and begging for mercy. “Please, please let me go. I’ll never return to your territory again! I promise. Please, just let me go this time and I promise I’ll never disturb you again!”

I stood there frozen, seeing the intense exchange of emotions between a weak prey and a giant monster. I saw it move towards it’s prey with the grace of a water dancer. It moved it’s giant body like a huge snake. Stalking it’s tiny prey with hungry eyes and enjoying his helpless state.

I was drenched in sweat and my hands and legs started to shake. I wanted to run away from it and it’s unfortunate prey, but I was so shocked that I wasn’t able to find it in me to turn away and run. I took an unsteady step backwards and my sneaker squeaked.

It twisted it’s head ever so quickly that it might have been in less than a mili second.

The moment it’s eyes met mine, my legs started to melt like melting wax and my heart leaped to my throat. I let out an ungraceful sound from deep within the pit of my stomach, something like an animal cry, and it responded to my cry with a tiny tilt of it’s head. I was standing shocked still and was just waiting for it to turn to me and end my life but then it jumped and ran like I was going to eat it raw. For a second I did not understand what happened and then I heard my little sister laugh. I turned and looked at her.

She was giggling and said in a sing song voice: “Anna is scared of Lizard! Anna is scared of Lizard!”


Reading Her Mind

Here’s my second story for Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge.

This post is a scribe inspired by today's  Describli photo prompt.
Today’s Prompt: Reading Her Mind

Reading Her Mind

The sun is setting and the shadows are stretching. She takes a sip of her lemonade and keeps it in her mouth for 5 secs before swallowing it. She looks relaxed with her feet dangling beneath her in her white skirt and peach t-shirt. She looks peaceful… serene.

She unknowingly plays with the end of her braid with with both her hands, twisting and turning her beautiful brown hair. She is looking straight ahead and seems lost in her own world.

I ask myself again for the thousandth time “how can someone be so comfortable in silence?” And wonder how long she can sit like this lost in her own world for good.

She shifts a little bit in her sofa seat and gives me a small side glance. I don’t know what to make of it but now I know she’s well aware of me and her surroundings. She is just doing what she’s best at doing… maintaining her care-less attitude. Like the entire world can go burn in hell and she’ll be least bothered by it.

She looks so pretty that I just want to get up right now and take her in my arms and kiss her. But I know better than that. The moment I’ll touch her the illusion of calm will be shattered to bits and the madness beneath with resurface.

I’m just waiting for her “calm-phase” to pass, so that I can take her back to her ward.


Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge

Hi guys! This post is more of an announcement than a post. The awesome, Aletta, who blogs at Nowathome, nominated me for Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge. I’m so glad to be doing this fantastic prompt as I was already planning to start writing stories with daily photo prompts. I already have ideas for 2 short-stories and will try and write up 1 poem for atleast 1 photo for this prompt.

Thank You Note

“The rules of Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge require you to post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo (It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or simply a short paragraph) and then nominate another blogger to carry on this challenge. Accepting the challenge is entirely up to the person nominated, it is not a command.”

As I’m a writer, I’ll try to write atleast 4 stories, but if something comes up then I might just do a small writeup. I’ll start posting from Saturday or Sunday as my Fridays are booked with WOW posts. It’ll give me 5 free running days to post for this awesome prompt.

Once again thanks to Aletta for nominating me.

Have a great day guys!

See ya on Friday with a new WOW post! 🙂