I Love Me – #ILoveMe

I love wearing shorts that are just too short and the tees that are a little too big.

I love wearing fuzzy pink slippers cuz they make me feel like the little girl I was.

I love curling up on my bed with a book I want to read for the night.

I love shutting everyone out and listening only to myself’ thinking about the fictional worlds love.

I love staying at home and not leaving the comfort of my own space.

I love hugging my cat and staying up in bed till 10:00 AM… sleeping, snoring, cuddling… lazying away.

I love sleeping when my KittyCat sleeps as it makes me feel peaceful.

I do all these things without any reservations because I am not afraid to be me…

I am in love with myself.

I love leaving my hair loose

I love my hair the way they are; the way they flutter in the air covering my face in lazy tangles.

I love my body; it may be bigger than people like but I love it anyway.

I love the way my lips curl into a smile on their own while listening to long-forgotten tunes on the radio.

I love the way I feel after having the first sip of tea every morning

I’m done being sorry for the way I am and for the way I feel about myself.

I am pure… I am unadulterated by the meanness of the world and I intend to keep things that way…

I won’t let the rude judgements of people affect the way I think about myself anymore.

Because I respect myself too much to let these things come in between me and my self-respect.

Because I am in love with myself and I am not afraid to admit it anymore.

A Haunting Lullaby

This short story/flash fiction is written for the photo prompt at Describli.

A Haunting Lullaby


Close your eyes, oh my sweet little child.

and let the winds lull you into a deep sleep,

Let the soft moonlight caress your delicate skin.

Let the coldness around you wrap you in its feel,

And let the ground beneath you pat you when you stir,

Let the morning dew cleanse your innocent drool.

Let the distant howlings make you feel not alone

Let the birds’ chirping make your dreams come true.

So what if I’m not with you,

so what if I am not alive…

I will always make sure that the you’re put to sleep-

gently and lovingly…

and that none will ever disturb your sweet slumber.

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Note: All views and opinions shared in this post are my own.

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Losing My Brother

This poem is written for the photo prompt at Describli.

Before you start reading the poem, I’d like to say that I’m no poet. I just write whatever comes to my mind and whenever it does.

I hope you’ll like this poem as it is really very close to my heart.



Losing My Brother

I could hear their marching feet,

The unyielding boots on the harsh cold ground,

The chilling winds carrying their beastly sounds.


I wanted to run away and hide, or better yet fly,

But I froze on the cursed land… Why, oh why?


They came towards me, weapons of destruction in their hands,

The mud getting loose under their heavy weight.


The small babe, that was my brother, gave a loud cry,

squirming and crying under the torn-up cloth in my hand.


They came forward and shoved me hard on the ground,

Making my brother fall  on the damned dirt of this ruined land,

They snatched him from my hands and took him away from me.


I can see him crying and twitching to be near me,

To be wrapped in the warmth of my love and care.

But they didn’t have an ear for us, as they turned their pathetic backs on me

And off they went.

His sorrowful wailing cries tearing at my heart and soul.


I lied there waiting for a miracle to happen

but, sadly, there was none…


Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a great week start 🙂

Last week I had a lot of things going on and as a result I had to abandon most of my reads and my 3 blog posts. My mother stayed with me for almost a week and we had quite a lot of fun this time playing cards (rummy and bridge.) But as always whenever I spend more than 3 days with my mother, my brain starts to get flooded with loads of depressing poems. I know it’s weird but my mom has that kind of effect on me. As I’m no poet, getting a ready poemin my mind is always good!

This is my second attempt at “poem” (the first one was My Father.) While reading please remember that I’m not a poet and neither do I know anything about it’s devises, etc. So if you see any mistakes or you feel that it’s a bit incomplete then please ignore.



I’m a bird and I live in this cage

I don’t know why they never let me out

 I have no more desire to be free,

for I have no feathers left that will take me away.

I bit all my feathers and slashed and tore them out

For I have nothing else to do in this prison of mine

And only anger, and fear and endless fearful bouts

They come to feed me

and then they watch me eat

like it is really amusing

They get happy when I sing

like I am a good singer

They have a name for me

they take  good care of me

But if they love me so

then why do they keep me locked inside?


I’ve never been free

but I know it in my heart,

that the moment I will fly

I will be able to touch the sky.

What it is like to spread thy wings and fly

I don’t know, because never ever did I try

for they keep me locked up inside

and now I have no feathers left.


You keep me caged

like you are the God,

who will decide my fate.

What fun is this that you get,

seeing me tear up my feathers in frustration?

What fun is this that you get,

seeing me cry my heart out?

What fun is this that you get,

seeing me so helpless and weak?

 I can’t understand the definition of your fun

for I can never hurt anyone the way you do.

How can you be happy in someone else’s sorrow?

Seeing you, I feel like there is no better tomorrow.

I cry, I yell and sit here in complete harrow…


My Father

I know what you all might be thinking… ‘well, this is new!’ Yes, this is indeed new. This is actually the first time ever I’ve written a poem. I don’t know anything about writing a poem, so please don’t start sending me hate letters! I wasn’t able to sleep yesterday night (because it was my dad’s birthday) and while I was pondering on the in-numerous stuff I wanna achieve in my young age (like a book award by 25 yrs and a Nobel prize by 30yrs… etcetera), I felt a sudden pang to get my notebook at 2:30 am and write. So I did just that and this is what I wrote… Father-Silhouette-29

When the sky is black,

and the stars are high.

When the shadows are thick,

and the wind passes me by.


I think of you, my father,

and how I used to cry.

You would take me by my shoulder,

and tell me to try, harder still try!

For I was your child

and you could see me crying nei!


When the sky is black,

and the stars are high.

When the shadows are thick,

and the wind passes me by.


I look back at the day

when you left me alone, and I din’t know why.

But I was your child, my father,

So I pushed myself to try, and harder still try.


When the sky is black,

and the stars are high.

When the shadows are thick,

and the wind passes me by.


Here I am remembering you on your name day,

Missing you and making my heart cry.

For I loved you then and I love you now, my father,

even when you left me alone to cry.

 I know that this is my problem 

and no one else’s, no, not even thy.


When the sky is black,

and the stars are high.

When the shadows are thick,

and the wind passes me by.


I think of you, my father,

and how I used to cry.


I hope I managed to express my feeling well enough.

Happy B’day ‘My father’… love you always!