L’ORÉAL’s Medium-Brown it is!

Hey guys!

I’ve been planning on getting a very particular look for my hair in terms of colour, and finally I’ve figured out (on my own!) how to get it. My natural hair colour is Dark-Brown, something like chocolate-fudge, with just the tinniest hints of a lighter shade of brown. Awesome right! But as always I’m not satisfied with the colour, so I keep on changing it 🙂

Last year I got this cool shade of Black with hints of cherry red, Garnier’s Black-Cherry. God… how much I loved flaunting my hair with those beautiful hints of cherry-red! It was amazing. I actually thought I’ll stick to that colour for my entire life! But those of you who know me well enough are probably laughing right now, cauz they now that I have a very fickle mind! Yes… So this year for my “ultimate look” I’ve decided to go L’ORÉAL’s Medium-Brown and in January’15 I’ll colour my hair L’ORÉAL’s Light-Brown. Then I’ll get low-lights of Medium and Dark Brown! It’s gonna look fabulous! I can see it clearly… Beautiful Light-Brown Hair with undertones of Dark and Medium Brown! Perrrrrrfect! 😀 (dreamy eyed)


So I’m done with the first step. I’ve coloured my hair Medium Brown and for now I’ll be happy flaunting my long brown layers till January! Probably I’ll click a few pics tomorrow. I’ll sure as hell share them with you guys 🙂

Have a great week ahead!

Ciao 🙂