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Writing Progress #1

Hey everyone!

After successfully writing my first draft in June (JuNoWriMo) with a little more than 50,000 words (you can read about it ), I joined Camp NaNoWriMo for this month (July) with a target of 60,000 words.

I’ve been writing non-stop from last one and a half month and I’m going to keep writing till I get this book done 😀


The plan is to revise the first draft and write the second draft along with it. My word count as of Day-13 is 31,415 words and I’m halfway through my second draft. I’m planning to finish 50K by 20th July (fingers-crossed.)

First brief glimpse of Deceived

Deceived 2


A girl who’s trying to cope with the murders of her mother and 5 year old brother.
A journalist who is chasing the ghost of a long lost serial killer.
A teen who murders her parents.
And a revenge-driven psychopath who is about to destroy everyone’s life.

A psychological-thriller that weaves it’s way through the sadistic past of a traumatised child to the web of dark secrets of a beloved father.


I slowed down to a stop, bent on my knees and started to take in big gulps of air. I tried to listen for footsteps over the loud pounding in my head but I heard nothing.

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Reading ‘ascm’ files on MacBook

how-to-open-acsm-filesI wouldn’t have come across this horrific file type had I not been a NetGalley addict. I requested a dozen Graphic Novels and when I was approved, I found out that their format was “.ascm” which doesn’t open in Kindle and most of the e-readers.

I did ferocious Google searches every time I had free time but was mostly mislead. Now that I know the procedure, it seems only too easy, but when I did”t it seemed like the hardest task I faced in the entire year!

jimcarreytypinggif I’m sure a lot of you already know how to read these files and I’m really glad that you do, but there are some (like me) who find it difficult, especially because the links of the concerned software were wrong in all the articles.

Finally I found the correct link for downloading this software and was able to read these seemingly horrendous files with ease.

One of the problems with this ascm  files/books is that the book expires. Yea, it just stops functioning after the date set by the author. Hence, you need to be prepared beforehand with the software and time to read these files if you don’t want to end up loosing them.

I’ve wasted months and lost a lot of books in searching the right article that addressed my problem, so now I’ve decided to write one in hopes that atleast one of my readers will get benefitted by this.

The software that opens ascm files/books is: ADOBE DIGITAL EDITIONS and the link to download the authentic FREE software is here.

As I use MacBook Air, I’ve jotted down the procedure for Mac users only. Though, I’m sure it’ll be somewhat same for Windows users as well.

Steps to read .ascm files on your Mac:

RMFAO 2015 Genre Challenge

Hello dear readers,
I’m very excited to announce that I’ve created a reading-challenge: 2015 RMFAO Genre Challenge.
Every year we all think of reading atleast one book from all the genres but as the year progresses everything changes. This challenge will help you make sure that you read all the major genres in 2015.