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Workshop: Fiction Writing For Beginners (2-day workshop) – 20th-21st November 2020

Workshop: Novel Writing Masterclass (3-day workshop) – 26-28th November 2020

Webinar #6: Creating Realistic Characters – 5th December 2020

Webinar #7: Plotting A Fiction Novel – 10th January 2021

Past Events:

Webinar #1: Introduction To Creative Writing Basics

Webinar #2: Introduction To Novel Writing

Webinar #2 (Part-2): Introduction To Novel Writing

Webinar #3 (Part-1): Common Writing Mistakes

Webinar #3 (Part-2): Common Writing Mistakes

Webinar #4: Understanding The Relevance of NaNoWriMo For Indian Writers – Sorry, it wasn’t a recorded as it was conducted on Google Meet. But soon I’ll be uploading a video for this particular webinar as I’m receiving a lot of requests for it.

Webinar #5: Decoding Horror Genre For Writers


Workshop #1: Fiction Writing Masterclass

Workshop #2: Fiction Writing For Beginners

Class #1: English Grammar Basics For Indian Writers

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