Other Writings

Other Writings

Fiction Writing

I am a huge fan of writing fictional stories. Although most of them are inspired by my real-life experiences, many are just figments of my imagination. I’ve seen various ups and downs in my short life so far (more than I’d care to admit) and al these things have greatly influenced, if not shaped, my writings. I am a writer because I love stories and having been god-gifted a very distinct and elaborate imagination, that might be a little morbid for some people’s taste, I find my escape in reading books as much as I do in writing my own. It is a way for me to deal with life, to deal with the inner demons, to deal with… well, everything. So go ahead and enjoy these pieces of writing because even the thought of sharing them with you, dear reader, fills me with great joy and a sense of purpose.

Flash Fiction and Poetry

Flash Fiction and very short pieces of prose. Some are in series, some stand-alones. And a couple of lame attempts at writing poems.



My lame attempt at poetry.


This is kind of an specialisation of mine, so go ahead and enjoy!

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Amy Blake, LexCorp

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Mike Wallace, Wayne Enterprises


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