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Heena is a published writer, novel critic and the chief editor at a local publishing house. She is a recipient of 2 awards for her debut novel and is a lifetime member of Indian Author's Association. Her works include Deceived, her debut novel, Life In Reverse (co-author) and Pandemic (releasing late 2020)

Book Review: Frostbitten

Author: Heather Beck Release Date: June 23, 2014 Series: None Genre: YA | Paranormal-Romance | Shapeshifters- Werewolves Edition: e-book (epub) Pages: 296 Publisher: Enchanted Publishing Interest: Requested by author Source: Author (Thanks, Heather!) To buy Frostbitten click here. Blurb Great […]

Love, roses and pot-pourri!

Hey everyone!

We went to an amazing Travel Fest on Sunday and had an amazing day there inquiring and planning travel to various places we had in mind for the next year, including, Rann Of Kutch, Himalayas of Jammu & Kashmir, Nepal, Andaman and Nicobar and of-course, Europe.

To end the perfect we went out for dinner at our favourite restaurant and Vishal surprised me with a bunch of light pink roses. They were so adorable and smelled so good that I was totally mesmerised by them. It’s a big deal for me as I’m not a rose-lover! Vishal gets me only out-of-the-world beautiful roses (Last to last time he got me light blue ones! He’s so thoughtful, I really love him!)


I absolutely love flowers and it really breaks my heart to throw them away after a while

From Tiger to Zeus!

My father gifted me a German Shepherd pup when I was 15 years old. I named him Tiger. He was my best bud and the best thing in my life and I was very connected to him emotionally. But after my parent’s separation, I had to leave Tiger with my dad and move to another city (it is one of the most painful things I’ve ever had to do!) I had a really tough time getting over this and swore not to get another dog until I was independent, so that no one can take him away from me ever.   Hearts 2

german-shepherdAfter my marriage to Vishal, we were busy getting settled in our new life. Also because of Vishal’s work, we had to travel a lot. So finally, after 3 years and 6 months of our marriage, everything’s into place and we are planning to get a pup. My first choice was obviously German Shepherd but Vishal, being a cat-lover who never had a dog before, thought to get a small breed pup first. So we decided to get a beagle. I was happy with beagle too, but Vishal knows me too well to get trust my fake smile. After going through Tiger’s pics on my study room’s walls he told me that we can get a German Shepherd if I want. And so, finally we are getting a German Shepherd pup 🙂

Ten Books I Almost Put Down But Didn’t

Hi, everyone! Welcome back to Top Ten Tuesday! This weekly event is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. Todays topic is Ten Books I Almost Put Down But Didn’t.

I have only Eight books to add to the list will add more if I’ll recall any sometime! Enjoy reading the list and do share your lists or names of books as well in the comments section 🙂

1. The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

Reason: I thought that it was some cute lil’ book for kids, so I dismissed the idea of reading it (after 5 pages!). But as the time of returning the book to the library was coming near, I was getting more and more curious about this book’s hype. So finally I picked it up again 1 day before I was supposed to return it and completed it the same day.

After-Thoughts: I read it in one go because as I kept reading it I slowly slowly started liking it and by the end I fell in love with this book. I am glad that I read it.

Living in a Void #1

As a child born in a super rich family I had a very different life as one would imagine. A quick background of my family: My great-grandfather, started an arms and ammunition factory by the name Dewas Gun Caps Factory which was then run by my grand father (Hari Raj Sing Rathore, who completed his degree in law from London and then spent some time in Indian military). When I was born My father was still living his life luxuriously, spending my grand father’s money being a total spoilt brat. My mother was a simple house wife who was always worried about the future of our family’s business (and was more interested in relatives than my father and me!). My grand father loved me a lot so did my father but my mom

Earth Day

I checked out fb in the morning and realised that yesterday was Earth Day. I want to confess that I really didn’t know that it was this month. Well, now that I know when it was, I really feel that I owe our mother Earth this post (atleast)!

Source: Google Images

I am thinking of celebrating it today. I love the idea of “days”, it really gives a reason to celebrate your liking or love for something. I was planning to get some cute ceramic pots for my plants and also a new plant or two. I have been postponing it for quite sometime now because of other commitments. But today seems to be a perfect day to do it. What better way to celebrate Earth Day than planting some plants and grooming the old ones! I am super-thrilled as it’s really making me feel good.

The Deutsch Affair: Beginning

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Well first off lets be very clear that this post is about The German Language. I’ve done my schooling from St. Mary’s Convent Sr. Sec. School (till 10th grade) and Air Force School (11th and 12th Science) but unfortunately we never had additional language classes. As a result I know only 2 languages Hindi and English (somewhat Marathi) but no other language.

Rediscovering My Love of Drawing

My love for drawing started when I was a year old. I started by scribbling on the walls and floors. As I grew I started to use drawing books, pencils, crayons, sketch pens and then finally brushes and paints. By the time I was in 5th grade, everyone used to think I’ll also be an artist like my real aunt. But as time passed studies took over the creative side of me. But still I used to draw as and when possible. I never took any classes or tuitions for it, but I drew cause I loved to.

Then years passed and at the age of 16, sadly my parents got divorced. Well for me that was the end of a lot of things I loved, drawing and sketching being one of them. I started hating drawing (may be because it was somehow related to my dad and as I was with my mom and step-father, missing him was out of question). It wasn’t like I never gave it a try, I did but my drawing started to look horrible! And I hated it.

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