Fiction Writing Basics – 5-Day Online Workshop

Hello dear readers and writers, after some exhausting and mentally strenuous months, I am back with another workshop.

Fiction Writing Basics – 5-Day Workshop

Last year I conducted multiple batches of Fiction Writing Masterclass and Creative Writing workshops and the one thing I noticed in all of the students was that most of them did not know how to write and where to begin. Keeping this in mind, I wanted to start the workshops for this year with the most basic course, spread over 5 days so that the students can get enough time to not only learn, but to understand, implement and discuss each and every topic.

When I say students, I mean all the people who attend my class – right from 15-year old teenagers to 80-year old professors, I teach everyone whoever is interested in learning writing.

I implore you to read through my bio and profile to know exactly why you should learn from me, a self-taught award-winning fiction writer.


  • Date: 3rd May to 7th May 2021 (Mon to Fri)
  • Fees: Rs.1000 per person (10% off for old students)
  • Medium: Online
  • Platform: Google Meet
  • Study Material: Notes will be provided
  • Duration: 2 hours on all 5 days
  • Critique of exercises: Peer critique (all homework & exercises will be discussed in the class)


3rd May’2021 – Monday
Introduction to Creative Writing & Fiction Writing
Genres in literature
Discovering The Writer Within
Ways of writing and the best way to write
WHAT to write – finding and developing ideas
Important Terminologies
Important Literary Devices
Writer’s Block
Writing Styles
Literary Themes
4th May’2021 – Tuesday
Understanding Drafts
Importance of First Draft & Second Draft
Exposition, Narration & Point Of Views
Rules of Fiction
Elements Of Fiction Writing
Tools Of Fiction Writing
External conflict & POVs
Understanding Plotting a story
Elements of Plot Structure
Aristotle’s Basic Story Structure
3 Traditional Plot Structures
5th May’2021- Wednesday
Characterisation basics
Types of different characters
Character as per their narrative function
Character arcs
Inner Conflicts
Character Motivation and Stakes
Character Backstory
Profiling the characters
6th May’2021 – Thursday
My Story Framework
Show, don’t Tell technique
Dialogue writing basics
Understanding Pacing & Tension
Structuring a scene
Conflict, Resolution and Ending
Self-Revising and Self-Editing
7th May’2021- Friday
How to improve your writing
Reading to improve your writing
Writing-Related Concepts
– Freewriting
– Morning Words or Pages
– Blank Page Syndrome
– Prompt-Writing
– Idea Journal
Biggest Insecurities faced by Writers & Security Blanket For Writers
Using MindMapping and Brainstorming to write

Extra Perks!

  • Detailed Study Material will be provided
  • 60 Writing Prompts for you to write and practice
  • 50-traits Caracter Profile Sheet
  • 50% off on my Online Writing Consultation Service (for one hour consultation)
  • 20% off on Manuscript Critique Service (1 critique)
  • 1 month access to my Blog’s Monthly Subscription Service. To read more about this, please visit my website:

Registration & Payment:

The fee for this course is Rs.1000 per person. There is a 10% discount for my old students – people who have previously attended at least one of my paid workshops.

Please register yourself for this workshop here: Registration.

Once you re registered for the course, you will receive the payment details and further details via email.