Book Review: Come Home, Daddy: An Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Memoir by April Enciso


Author: April Enciso
Release Date: 7th September 2018
Genre: Memoir
Edition: E-book
Pages: 103
Blurb: This is a story about my father’s struggle with Early-Onset Alzheimer’s. We were living the American dream. My father ran his own business; we went on annual family vacations; I had a happy childhood. Then, one day in his late fifties, my father started having episodes of repeated conversations and forgetfulness. In a true story reminiscent of Lisa Genova’s novel Still Alice, we shockingly came to find out my father had Early-Onset Alzheimer’s. As he traversed down the rabbit hole into a downward spiral, we learned to cope with the bad times and embraced and appreciated the good times. This book is for the caregivers and loved ones of those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It is my hope that my story will encourage you and buoy you forward.



Come Home Daddy by April Enciso is a beautiful tribute by the author to her father. This book is about the real-life journey of the author and her family through a tragedy. I will be keeping this review very short as reading this book wasn’t easy for me because of my emotional baggage. This book is a heartfelt pouring of a daughter and it will definitely move you in many ways.

I’d recommend this book to all readers of non-fiction and memoir. A beautiful read.

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2 comments on “Book Review: Come Home, Daddy: An Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Memoir by April Enciso”

  1. My grandma had been completely taken over by Alzheimer’s when she died and it’s one of the scariest things I can think of happening to me or someone I love. She had depression and at the end all she could remember was bad things people had done to her when she was younger. I have way more mental problems then she did and I’m afraid I’d be the same way… get taken over by everything bad. I bet this book was very emotionally difficult for the author to write.

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