Losing My Brother

This poem is written for the photo prompt at Describli.

Before you start reading the poem, I’d like to say that I’m no poet. I just write whatever comes to my mind and whenever it does.

I hope you’ll like this poem as it is really very close to my heart.



Losing My Brother

I could hear their marching feet,

The unyielding boots on the harsh cold ground,

The chilling winds carrying their beastly sounds.


I wanted to run away and hide, or better yet fly,

But I froze on the cursed land… Why, oh why?


They came towards me, weapons of destruction in their hands,

The mud getting loose under their heavy weight.


The small babe, that was my brother, gave a loud cry,

squirming and crying under the torn-up cloth in my hand.


They came forward and shoved me hard on the ground,

Making my brother fall  on the damned dirt of this ruined land,

They snatched him from my hands and took him away from me.


I can see him crying and twitching to be near me,

To be wrapped in the warmth of my love and care.

But they didn’t have an ear for us, as they turned their pathetic backs on me

And off they went.

His sorrowful wailing cries tearing at my heart and soul.


I lied there waiting for a miracle to happen

but, sadly, there was none…