Word Of The Week (WOW #31)

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Part Of Speech:



  • capriciously – adverb
  • capriciousness – noun


|kəˈprɪʃəs| ; ca-pri-cious


Given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behaviour.

Changing according to no discernible rules; unpredictable.


Fickle, inconstant, mercurial, erratic, whimsical.


Stable, consistant.

Word Origin:

Early 17th century: from French capricieux, from Italian (see capriccioso).

Use In Sentences:

  • I almost died in a capricious winter storm.images-6
  • Stringent rulers are unlikely to act capriciously.
  • The Mayor claimed that the action was reasonable, but in reality the action was arbitrary and capricious in nature.

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