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Part Of Speech:



  • balefully  adverb 
  • balefullness  noun


|ˈbeɪlfʊl-f(ə)l| ; bale·ful


Threatening harm; menacing.

Having a harmful or destructive effect.


Menacing, threatening, hostile, unfriendly antagonistic, evil, wicked, nasty, acrimonious, malevolent, malicious, malignant, sinister, virulent.


Benevolent, friendly.

Word Origin:

Usage Note: 

Baleful and baneful overlap in meaning, but baleful usually applies to something that is menacing or foreshadows evil: a baleful  look. Baneful most often describes that which is actually harmful or destructive: baneful effects of their foreign policy.

-The Free Dictionary by Random House

Use In Sentences:

  • She gave him a baleful stare.

    Source: Exit Within: the Gallegos Blog
    Source: Exit Within: the Gallegos Blog
  • He shot a baleful glance in her direction.

    Source: Boxing.com
    Source: Boxing.com
  • The baleful influence of Rasputin.


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