Autumn (Jessie #4)

Jessie is a Contemporary Fiction short-story series about a girl named Jessie. This series is written on photo-prompts and includes emotional themes of love, family, support, getting over fears, etc.

Each part of this story is written for the photo-prompts at Describli.

You can read the other parts of this series here: Baking A Pie (Jessie #1), Ruined Dreams (Jessie #2) and The Sting (Jessie #3)



Six months later…

I wake up to Juno’s loud barking. He always wakes me up this way and, to be honest, I love it. It makes me feel like he cares for me enough to come running to me first thing after getting up in the morning. It makes me feel needed.

I get out of the bed and go to the big glass window that overlooks the lake in front of my cottage. I wait just for a second, pulling the robe around me tighter, and then I throw back the curtains.

The beautiful view literally takes my breath away. It’s September, the beginning of autumn and everything’s covered in the glorious red-brown leaves in front of the house. Except, of course, the shimmering water of lake. The sunrays are reflecting beautifully at the green water surface of the lake making it look surreal. It feels like I’m living in a storybook.

I stand there, taking in the beautiful view and breathing slowly, peacefully, filling my insides with the pure morning breeze. I smile at a small bird drinking water from the lake and mentally pat my back for deciding to come here.

It’s been six months and here I am, finally, making peace with my decision of leaving that stupid city and coming to this isolated island. I love it here, and I think that I’m starting to get over Riki. I don’t miss him like the way I used to just after he left me.

I really needed this time, alone. It was over due.

Its like he was so utterly perfect for me that I didn’t even give myself a chance to even think about someone else. And now that he’s gone, somewhere inside me, I’m feeling relieved. As if unconsciously I’ve always known that I’d always liked him, but maybe not loved him.

Yes, I miss him, but mostly because I was so used to him, like a person is used to eating meds. He was like a drug for me; I though I’d die without him, but in reality, letting him go of him freed me.

It’s hard to live without him because I’ve always been emotionally dependent on him, since childhood. It’s that dependence that I really wanted to get rid of by distancing myself from the city, were there were so many memories.

I feel liberated here. The moment I stepped onto this island, I felt like something inside me got free. Maybe my will. Earlier, I always did what Riki wanted me to do, or more correctly, what he expected me to do. He never directly asked me to do anything, never, it was like, I always knew what he wanted and always did that before he even asked for it. That’s why everyone thought that we were so compatible. That’s why I thought we were so ridiculously compatible.

Maybe it’s the same for him, but I really don’t want to think about him, at least not when he just dumped me.

I scratch Juno’s ears and then go to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. After ten minutes, I’m sitting in the front porch, sipping my coffee and petting Juno. It feels so free to not do anything and relax. Without worrying about what Riki needs. Now that I think of it, my entire life has gone in worrying about him and his small-small needs. I never even let myself think about what I really liked or what I wanted to do.

Riki was such a huge part of my life. We were childhood sweethearts. He is my mother’s best friend’s son so, naturally, we spent almost all our childhood together. When we were teens, he made a lot of other friends, embarrassed to be around a girl all the time, but I was always stuck up on him, alone. I just kept to myself and waited for him to come back to me again. I started dressing up and applying make-up and all those teen-things a girl does to attract guys.

But to my utter disappointment, when we were in high school, he started seeing someone else. It broke my heart, but still I never left hope and once we were in college, Riki was finally able to see my love. It was just a matter of time before he proposed to me for marriage and since that day we’ve been inseparable. That is, until he found someone else.

What a pity, I never realized that I could have done a lot better than this. I should have gone out and made some new friends, but no, I was always too shy to even talk to others. I always kept to myself and always thought that Riki was the one for me, without even actually thinking about it.

I close my eyes and rub my face, sighing deeply. I’m only twenty-four and even though I don’t have a career, I can do what I like now.

I have enough money to last me a lifetime and, now that I don’t have anyone who needs me, I also have enough time. But the question is, do I have the strength to start my life from scratch, especially with a small baby?

The Sting (Jessie #3)

A Cup Of Tea

This short piece is written for Describli‘s photo prompt – Afternoon Tea.


A Cup Of Tea

She looks so beautiful that it pains my eyes even to look at her.

She is all that I ever dreamt of – delicate as a flower and strong as a rock,

Sweet as a spoonful of sugar and caring as a mother.

She is the only one for me, I know. But am I the one for her, I wonder.

She walks towards me, her walk lazy as a night.

She caresses my cheek and smiles that beautiful smile, for which I left everyone behind.

She hands me a cup of tea and says, “Drink my love, I made it especially for you.”

She looks at me as I slowly raise the cup to my lips, smiling at me like a summer breeze.

She looks me in the eye and says, “I love you, darling. But forgive me for this.

For my heart belongs to someone else. But I promise that I will never forget you.

Now sleep peacefully, oh my innocent lover, and dream of me for eternity.”

I close my eyes, drinking the last of the my tea and poison in that she lovingly added in it,

And looking in her eyes I try to forget about everything.

Her words are like a sweet lullaby.

I close my eyes, and see her beautiful face fading away.

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Word Of The Week (WOW #32)

Hi guys,

WOW-2Word Of the Week (WOW) is a weekly meme created by Heena Rathore P. (me.) It’s a fun way to improve one’s vocabulary by learning new words every week. If you want to participate then simply do a post with your WORD and leave the link to your post as a comment on one of my WOW post.



Part Of Speech:





/dəːθ/ ; [durth]


  • A scarcity or lack of something.
  • Scarcity and dearness of food; famine.https3amazonawscombrainyflixphotos10782mediumjpg


Lack, scarcity, shortage, deficiency, paucity.


Abundance, surfeit.

Word Origin:

Middle English derthe (see dear-th2).

Use In Sentences:

  • There is a dearth of good engineers in this city.
  • Because there was a dearth of evidence, the district attorney had to drop the charges.

I hope you guys like this word and hope it’s useful to you in some or the other way! If you want to check out more words like this, then visit my page:

Word Treasure

Wrong Turn

This short-story (1,000 words) is written for the photo-prompts at Describli.


We make our way to The Pit. I have no idea where it is or even what it is. I came here just yesterday and when I got up in the morning, I noticed that everyone was in a hurry of bathing and getting ready; as if they were preparing for some festival. Intrigued, I asked my hut-mate about it and upon learning that even he had only a vague idea, I decided to go with the flow, just like him.

I got dressed in the spare pants I was carrying in my bag and a loose t-shirt. My clothes are still dirty as I had no time to wash them up last night. These will have to do as I’ve lost my other bag, the one in which I had all my clothes and money. Not that I’m complaining, nope, if it hadn’t been for that wrong turn, I would have never come upon this amazing tribe – Kaluha. I was just wondering about where to go while trying to make my way through the dense forest and that’s when, all of a sudden, I saw a campfire twinkling in the distance.

I went close to investigate and came upon a group of teens roasting a rabbit and dancing funnily around the fire. They were dressed only in a bunch of leaves tied around their waist. To be honest, I was a little scared to even talk to them and decided to turn around to leave quietly, but that’s when one of them saw me and made a loud bird sound. In a few seconds I was surrounded by two dozen of their tribesmen. I was scared shitless but then a guy, whom I assume to be their leader, stepped in front and spoke to me in broken English. He explained to me that they are a tribe who live in this part of the forest. After I told him that I’m lost, he asked me to join them for dinner, very kindly

After having a brilliant dinner of a meat – honestly, I don’t know which animal it was, but I’m sure it wasn’t any that I’ve had before and trust me, I’ve almost had all the animals, at least the edible ones – they asked me to stay with them for a couple of days. I graciously accepted their hospitality, welcoming the break from the normal city life. I was lead to a hut where I met Brian, a guy who was also lost in the woods. I slept on the pile of leaves, beautifully arranged as bed and here I am now, following a crowd of wild tribesmen along with my new friend, Brian. We are one of the last ones in the crowd.

“You think they are celebrating something?” Brian asks me quietly.

“I guess so, but hopefully not our arrival.”

He snorts, “Yea. But if it is for us then I hope they might offer us a girl or two from their tribe as a welcome gift.”

I laugh at that, “Yea, you wish.”

All of a sudden everyone stops. We follow suite and stand at our places looking at each other. Within a few seconds everyone starts to turn around to look at us. We stand there, looking at the blank faces of all these tribesmen and wondering, “What the hell’s going on?” I look at Brian and raise  my eyebrows in question. He shrugs and gives me blank look.

It’s really starting to get awkward now and just as I’m about to make my way to the front to ask the leader what’s going on, I see that the crowd is starting to shift a little, making way for him. He approaches us with a smile on his face and I look at Brian, who is starting to look a little pale. I poke him lightly in the ribs and joke, “Guess they heard you.” He gives me an uneasy smile that  makes me wonder why is he looking so scared. The leader comes to me and says, “We have a tradition of welcoming our guests and as he came here first,” he motions towards Brian and continues, “today we’ll be welcoming him.”

I nod at him smiling, “I understand,” happy not to be the first one.

He motions for Brian to come go ahead of him and Brian complies. I follow the leader not wanting to be alone at the back. We make our way to the front, all the tribesmen still watching us, making me feel nervous. Reaching the front I see that there’s a massive pit dug into the ground. Figures.

The leader takes Brian by hand, gently and asks me to wait there. They start walking towards the pit and all of a sudden the leader kicks Brian from behind, sending him face first into the pool. I try to process what just happened but by the time the reality of my situation dawns on me, it’s too late. Two tribesmen are holding my hands so tightly that my hands are starting to feel numb.

I look where Brian’s shouts are coming from inside the pit and notice, for the first time, that there are a lot of dirty bones, lying on the ground. Oh shit!

Brian is shrieking now. God only knows what they are doing to him in there. Seeing the bones I know that whatever it is, it’s not good. I try to free myself from the two tribesmen but they start to laugh at my feeble attempts. After a few minutes, I see the leader walking towards me.

As he approaches me, I ask him shouting, “Why? Why are you doing this?”

He laughs and says, “If we won’t kill you then how will we get enough meat to feed our tribe?”

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Featured Writer At Describli (Yay!)

Hi guys,

I’m the featured writer at Describli this week 😀

I was completely stoked when I read the email, while sipping on my tea early in the morning and literally jumped up and down when I saw that Laura (the founder and CEO of Describli) herself congratulated me for it.

I’m really happy and proud of my Jessie series I think that it is the one that really caught everyone’s eyes. Jessie is a Contemporary Fiction short-story series about a girl named Jessie. I’m still not sure where I’m going to go with this series, but I’m sure to include emotional themes of love, family, support, getting over fears, etc.

Book Review: Smokescreen


Author: Tasha Lessey 
Release Date: April 1, 2014
Series: Standalone
Genre: Science Fiction | Thriller
Edition: Kindle (mobi)
Pages: 288
Publisher: Self-published Amazon Digital Services, Inc
Source: Author
Buy it here: Amazon


It starts in Washington when a lone gunman enters a busy burger chain and opens fire killing twenty-five people. It continues in Paris, London, Sydney and Beijing. Authorities, including FBI agent Jack Rossi find no motive or any connection between the shootings causing fear and panic in the world’s major cities.

As Jack scrambles to get answers, he stumbles upon a secret world of hybrid humans, moles and a threat he never saw coming. One that could lead to the loss of an unprecedented number of lives. Including his own.





I thought the story had great build up. In the beginning, it starts off as your standard novel with a globalized terrorist threat to set the scene for the action. I was prepared for the aliens, but I was not prepared for feeling like I was on the edge of my seat.
The story was similar to Independence Day (the movie) in the sense that the aliens seemed to have an impenetrable defense. But that is not to say that if you saw the movie, it was the same story. This was different is so many ways. There are secrets, lies, intrigue, action, plot twists, and light romance.
A lot of the suspense came from the fact that it was difficult to know who to trust. Who is a hybrid human? Who is a mole? I need answers! I need to know now!


The characters acted in a way that was understandable for the circumstances. Jack was a no-nonsense FBI agent that is trying to figure out how to solve the case. He is dealing with a threat that he never knew existed. A lot has changed in his life in a short period of time and he has hardly any time to decide how he is going to handle all this new information. At the same time, he is trying to resist his urges to initiate a physical relationship with his partner Lauren.
Lauren has feelings for Jack too but knows the timing is off. They are dealing with a global catastrophe and other personal issues. There seemed to be little room for developing their romance. As the story progressed, I could understand her hesitancy.


I was not surprised at the number of kills in this book. After all, the story starts with several mass shooting scenes. However, the killing was not overly graphic. As the reader, I knew there was carnage but it was not described in a way that I could see the blood dripping from wall. The stage was set for the story.
I was surprised that there was a little romance element included in the story. Similarly to the killing, the love scenes were not too graphic. There was enough detail to get a mental picture of who was touching whom and where.


I think the author did a good job of writing the story from the various viewpoints and tying everything together at the end.


The opening scene is the mass shooting in the restaurant in DC. The action gets started on the opening page.


While the story focuses on Jack, by the end, I thought that Lauren was the true hero of the book. I think the ending was fitting and leaves the reader to imagine the possibilities for the future.

Cover Art:

The cover art is fits the story because the overall vibe is ominous with the freaky looking eyes.


From the blurb mention of “hybrid humans”, I could tell there was going to be a sci-fi aspect. I could not tell that the book was going to be about alien invasion. However I had a clue as to what the book would be about because it is categorized in Amazon under the following genres: Alien Invasion, Science Fiction, and Supernatural Thrillers.

You can also read this review at Goodreads and Amazon.

Other Stuff

Opening Line: Her penchant for French fries and hamburgers had finally gotten her in trouble.

Highlights: The suspense.

Lowlights: I wish some of the characters had not been killed.

Final Thoughts: I enjoyed it.

Review Contributor:

pics-3Amaryllis Turman

I work in an office. Outside of work, I participate on several non-profit boards and volunteer time as a life skills mentor. One of my favorite past times is reading, especially romance genre. I also enjoy writing, travelling, and trying new experiences with my hubby.

I write poetry when inspiration moves me. My hubby and I try to travel a new location each year. I have a goal each year to try something that I have not tried before. Because of that goal, I have ran various types of 5k races, started playing tennis, and attended numerous wine tastings.

You can read more about Amaryllis here.

Word Of The Week (WOW #31)

Hi guys!

WOW-2Word Of the Week (WOW) is a weekly meme created by Heena Rathore P. (me.) It’s a fun way to improve one’s vocabulary by learning new words every week. If you want to participate then simply do a post with your WORD and leave the link to your post as a comment on one of my WOW post.



Part Of Speech:



  • capriciously – adverb
  • capriciousness – noun


|kəˈprɪʃəs| ; ca-pri-cious


Given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behaviour.

Changing according to no discernible rules; unpredictable.


Fickle, inconstant, mercurial, erratic, whimsical.


Stable, consistant.

Word Origin:

Early 17th century: from French capricieux, from Italian (see capriccioso).

Use In Sentences:

  • I almost died in a capricious winter storm.images-6
  • Stringent rulers are unlikely to act capriciously.
  • The Mayor claimed that the action was reasonable, but in reality the action was arbitrary and capricious in nature.

I hope you guys like this word and hope it’s useful to you in some or the other way! If you want to check out more words like this, then visit my page:

Word Treasure

The Sting (Jessie #3)

Jessie is a Contemporary Fiction short-story series about a girl named Jessie. I’m still not sure where I’m going to go with this series, but I’m sure to include emotional themes of love, family, support, getting over fears, etc.

Each part of this story is written for the photo-prompts at Describli.

You can read the other parts of this series here: Baking A Pie (Jessie #1) and Ruined Dreams (Jessie #2)


The Sting

I spend the entire evening crying, sitting at the same place where Riki was siting when he broke the devastating news to me.

I wipe my face and get up to get myself some water. After drinking a glass of water I come back to the sofa and check my phone – there are 38 missed calls from Riki and about a dozen texts.

I put the phone down, as I don’t have the strength to talk to him or read any of his texts. I’m sure he’s just trying to tell me the reasons for leaving me.

I don’t know why but people think that somehow giving excuses will make everything right.

Right when I’m about to go inside my phone vibrates again. Why is he doing this?

I check my phone; this time it’s an email from him. I let out an exasperated sigh and open the mail. The first thing that I notice is that he’s addressed it like a letter – Dear Jess, – and the second thing I notice is that it’s one hell of a long email.

Grief makes me think funny; I guess it’s my way of coping.

I read the mail:

Dear Jess,

I know you well enough to know that you don’t want to listen to any of my excuses for falling in love with someone else. And I also know that you don’t even want to know who it is, but it is important to me. I wanted to stay there and tell you everything but I knew that you needed time to take in everything and that’s the only reason I left you alone today. But trust me, I hate myself for doing this to you.

You remember last month we went to the doctor, and he said that your chances of conceding a child are less than 2%, that’s the time it actually hit me that your accident has really changed our life forever. I was really lost after that. I didn’t tell you anything because I knew you were already dealing with a lot of things – surgery after surgery and of course the shock of not being able to a mother.

That was the time when I came close to Julia. I first met her six months ago through a client and since then she’s been trying to meet me.  I wanted to get rid of her, that’s why I decided to meet her once and tell her to get lost, but as it turned out she was really sweet and charming. And in no time I found myself telling her everything – about us, about you and about all the problems that haunted me. 

Within two weeks we were like best friends and what really upset me was that you barely even noticed that something was not right between us. Well, I’m not blaming you or anything but I’m just being honest here because it’s important to me that you understand how it happened. 

First I thought that it was just a crush but I was wrong, I really love her, Jess. When I left 3 days ago for my business trip, it wasn’t a business trip; I just needed some time away from you to think about Julia. And after giving it a lot of thought I’ve decided that I want to be with Julia.

I never wanted to hurt you, but I can’t live without her. I’m extremely sorry Jess but please try and understand.

And don’t worry, you can keep the house and the car and I’ll also make sure that all your medical as well as day to day expenses are taken care of. If you ever need anything then just let me know. I’m always there for you, Jess.

I hope you’ll understand my situation. I’m sorry again. If possible then please try to forgive me.


What the hell!

I throw the phone on the sofa and yank all the hairpins from my hair, letting my wild stands fall loose. I wipe the mascara that I put on so carefully this morning and start ripping apart the dress that I’m wearing. I go inside crying, followed by Juno and change into pajama shorts. After changing my clothes I sit on the bed and look at myself in the mirror next to the bed. I look like a maniac, maybe that’s why he left me. I get up and get a comb and flopping down on the bed I start yanking on my strands.

After pulling my hair in a tight bun, I sit staring at my reflection in the mirror again. What is wrong with me, am I not beautiful anymore, am I not worth loving.

I stroke my stomach lightly, trying to imagine a small lump of flesh inside me, my child. I had only two percent chances of conceiving, and I did, isn’t it supposed to mean something good.

I break down at the thought of raising this child on my own. Curling on the bed I stuff my face under the pillow and start crying again like a ten year old.

I know I’m a fighter but I can’t fight back until I get all the hurt out of me through my tears. Last year after my accident, I cried continuously for five days, but after that I got up and fought back and against all odds I’m standing on my own feet today. That’s how I am.

I just need some time to get everything out of me – all the love I had for Riki, all the hurt, all the broken pieces of my heart – and then I’ll get up for good and fight back.

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Ruined Dreams (Jessie #2)

Jessie: Story About A Girl is a contemporary fiction short story series based on the theme of love and family.

Each part of this story is written for the photo prompts at Describli.

Ruined Dreams


Genre: Contemporary Fiction


“I love someone else,” one sentence that changed everything – my dreams, my expectations and, most of all, my life.

A sentence that completely shook the foundation of the only relationship in my life that I cherished.

Sitting in front of him, I can see that he’s still trying to explain me something animatedly. As if his falling in love with someone can be justified. As if all this is just something that can be explained. What really ticks me off is seeing him bothering to explain me all this. How can he not see that what he just said has literally destroyed my life, even more that that horrible accident I had about a year ago?

Looking at Rick making desperate attempts at finding a pathetic excuse for an explanation an odd thought hits me, is it because of that accident that he wants to leave me?

I remember, a few months back he was worried about my chances of conceiving a child. The doctors thought that because of my broken lower back I won’t be able to conceive a child, and he was really upset, at least more than I was expecting. I mean it’s only been two years since we got married and the truth is we never even really talked about it (about the baby) before that day, and the next thing I know, Rick got really upset with the news.

But if that’s the reason, then should I tell him that against all the odds I am pregnant?

I was so happy yesterday when I found out that I was expecting. I thought I’d tell him today and surprise him with the news but looks like life’s not meant to be that simple for me. Will he stay if he knows that he can be a father? Should I tell him after he’s just confessed his love for someone else? 

I don’t think so. No. I cannot. Because I don’t want him to love me just because I’ll be the mother of his child. Or worse yet, he might still leave, but not only just me but our child too. That will be really awful.

Why did you do this Rick? Why?

I look into Rick’s moist eyes and asks the question that’s been bugging me since he’s said those cursed 4 words, “Who?”

He looks taken aback for a second and the looking down, he says in a voice that is barely audible, “Nikita.”


He nods his head slowly and looks at me, “Yes. It…. it just happened.”

Great. My husband is cheating on me with his secretary. Classic.

Was he going around with her when I had that accident? Or did all this started while I was being operated and my broken hands and legs were being fixed? Was she there for him when I was not?

Or did he start dating when I was crying day and night for all the opportunities that I missed?

Was he sleeping with her while I was trying to fix the crutches and dying with pain standing on my own legs?

How dare he?

How can he? How can he do something like this to me? He doesn’t have the right to destroy my life. He can’t just love someone else… or can he?

All of a sudden I’m feeling like the guy sitting in front of me is not the caring Rick I fell in love with,but an arrogant bastard full of shit.

I’m still sitting dazed and he’s still talking, to me or to Juno I’m not sure. I still can’t wrap my mind around it, “I love someone else” how can he say something like this and completely throw me off track?

It’s worse than anything I could have ever imagined.

Tears start rolling down my cheek. Suddenly I feel vulnerable. I wipe off my tears, smooth out the creases on my dress and stand up saying, “please leave.”

I go straight to the kitchen, turn off the stove, pick up the pan of the burned applesauce and place it on the platform.

I come out into the hall and see that he’s closing the door behind him.

I go to the closed door and see through the peephole – he is getting into his sedan.

I turn around and go to where Juno is sitting, set him off leash and sit where Rick had been sitting just a few minutes ago and as soon as I hear his car leave, a steady stream of tears start flowing down my cheeks.

I hug Juno and dropping all the pretences, I start crying.


You can read the previous parts of Jessie: Story About A Girl series here:

  1. Baking A Pie (Jessie #1)
  2. The Sting (Jessie #3)
  3. Autumn (Jessie #4)
  4. Evening Tea (Jessie #5)

NOTE: This is a piece of fiction any resemblance to any person or place (living or dead) is purely coincidental.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Novella Review: Dyad


Author: C.M. Cox 
Release Date: November 3rd 2014
Series: The Empyrean Series
Genre: Fantasy | YA 
Edition: Kindle (mobi)
Pages: 26
Publisher: -
Source: Author (Thanks, Courtney!)
Buy it here: Amazon


Evi is forced to leave her life behind as she flees from threatening consequences. Hoping the stories of hating humans are wrong, she seeks the land of fairies for refuge.





This is a very short story about Evi. A pregnant woman who is running from the queen. It just so happens that the man she is pregnant by is the King. The world is run by woman, so the queen is the most important person and the king is just another guy, until he cheats on the queen.

I thought this was a perfect and short introduction to the Empyrean series. It made me want to know more and to pick up the next book as quickly as possible. And since it was so short I was able to finish it rather quickly.


You really only get to know Evi. And there isn’t much character development in this short story. At first you want to hate her and then you kind of love her. By the end you are not sure how you feel about her.


There isn’t much of a romance. Evi has slept with the queens husband, but she is not in love with him. There may be one death, but it’s never really validated.


I love the writing style. I wasn’t bored and the story progressed quickly without feeling rushed.


I was intrigued from the beginning.


The ending sparked my interest and made me open the next book to see what was going to happen next.

Cover Art:

This is where I am disappointed. I do not like the cover art at all. It looks artistic, sure, but to me it just seems cheap.


The blurb is perfect for such a short story.

You can also read this review at Goodreads and Amazon.

Other Stuff

Opening Line: “Don’t leave,” said Tyam with a groan.

Highlights: I like the twist that the world is dominated by women.

Lowlights: It was really short.

Final Thoughts: I am glad that I was able to read this and it’s promising.

Review contributor:

pics-2Heather Mostella:

I’m a reader, writer, dreamer, and crafter. I like to create things and I love to see what others create. I avoid reality as much as possible, and often pretend I’m a vampire. I also own a group of black cats, so my neighbors think I’m a witch and I’m okay with that. I am a fan girl.

I love shows like Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Grimm. I love anime and dream of one day going to Japan. I just like to have fun, enjoy life, and do what makes me happy.

Read more about Heather here.

Baking A Pie (Jessie #1)

Jessie: Story About A Girl is a contemporary fiction short story series based on the theme of love and family.

Each part of this story is written for the photo prompts at Describli.

Baking a Pie

Image Credit: Pixabay

Genre: Contemporary Fiction


I’m drenched in sweat, trying to figure out this new recipe mom e-mailed me yesterday and keeping Juno out of the kitchen – all at the same time.

Sometimes, I feel like I’ll go insane taking care of a dog with anxiety issues. It gets really difficult at times, especially since I’m in no condition to be able to run behind him or even to hold on to him when he tries to get away. There he is again, trying to get my attention by jumping like a possessed dog next to the kitchen counter, “Juno. Bad boy. Go, sit in the hall.” I try to give him one of the many commands I tried to teach him when he was a pup, but he happily disobeys as if he’s getting it all right by not following them.

I put the pastry lined pie tray in the oven hoping to god that I’ve got the right settings on the oven. Turning around, I leave kitchen trying to cajole Juno with a handful of treats into following me to get his leash from the bedroom. After tying him to the  leg of the sofa, I make my way back to the kitchen, and after taking a deep breath, I start preparing for the applesauce.

I smile to myself thinking that Rick will be surprised to see me out and about baking again. Let’s just hope that he won’t get angry that I’ve been working in the kitchen alone, especially when he’s away.

I put the diced apple in the pan, light the stove and add sugar to it. After adding cinnamon sticks, I go and check the oven for the time. It’s far from done. I check up on Juno who gives me an innocent look and when I don’t open him, he starts barking loudly.

I quickly go back to the stove making sure that the sugar is starting to melt and gently stir the apples. The sooner I’m done with this, the sooner I can let Juno free.

After a few minutes, as the sauce starts bubbling, I hear Rick’s car pull outside the main gate. Juno launches into a new barking frenzy and I can hear him aggressively struggling against his chain.

I go to the hall and try to calm down Juno, “Quiet, Juno. It’s just Rick. He’ll meet you in a minute, boy. Sit down.” Sighing I leave him to his crazed wiggling and slowly make my way to the main door smoothing down my hair.

I want to look perfect today. It’s our 2nd year anniversary and I’ve spent almost 2 hours in front of the mirror getting my hair all curly and bouncy. I’m sure he’ll be surprised to see me this way considering that the last time I got dressed nicely was before the accident last year.

I open the door with a huge smile on my face and watch, Rick, my first real crush turned boyfriend turned husband, getting out of his car. Behind me, Juno’s barking and wiggling intensifies because he hates to be tied up, especially when the main door is open.

I look at Rick’s beautiful face as he turns around and tries to take in his beautiful features. Small eyes, thin lips, sharp and long nose and a straight and slick face. He’s tall with 6’2” height and has a great athletic physique. He looks like a proper gentleman, which he obviously is, as he makes his way towards me with a bouquet in his hands looking great in his black suit.

“Welcome home, sweetie. I really missed you!” I say as I hug him.

I’m seeing him after three days, he’s been out for work, and I can’t believe just how much I missed him in these three days. I miss the days when Rich and I used to be so inseparable that he used to turn down out-of-station meetings just to be with me. But lately, it’s like he’s trying to attend as many meetings out of town as possible. He’s always out, at least twice a week, and I’m considering talking to him about it.

I can’t stay alone in this huge house, at least not now. And I’m sure that once I tell him about the big news he’ll only insist on staying at my side all the time. Today, our 2nd anniversary is the perfect day to tell him that he’s going to be a Daddy.

I lean closer to him and kiss his neck, but that’s when I notice that he’s holding me very weakly. I pull back from him and notice something that I missed to see before –  he’s looking tired, very tired. I smile at him and say, “I’m so sorry sweetie, are you okay? Come let’s go inside. I’ll get you some water.”

As we make our way inside, my heart drops just a little because I was expecting him to comment on how I’m looking or maybe the fact that I was standing straighter and walking better. Guess, he’s really tired.

I take a glass of cold water to the hall where he’s sitting patting Juno. “Here,” I say handing him the glass. Juno seems to have finally decided to sit quietly.

After gulping down the entire glass of water in one long swig he looks at me as if he’s seeing me for the first time today and says, “Oh, you look good, Jess. Is that makeup?”

I blush and nod.

“You look nice.” He smiles awkwardly and then shifts uncomfortably in his seat, looking like he wants to say something.

I know that he’s been driving since morning but that doesn’t mean that he can’t remember our anniversary. How can he?

I site on the sofa-chair next to the sofa Rick’s sitting on and realize that something’s not right. I sit there looking at Rick from the corner of my eyes as he tries to look at everything in the room except for me. None of us has spoken in the last ten minutes and now it’s really getting a little awkward. I try to push back the weird feeling in my gut and try to break the silence when I see him staring at his shoes, “You remember what day is it today?”

Looking relieved to have something to talk about, Rick smiles at me and says, “I guess it’s Tuesday.”

“Yeah. It’s Tuesday.”

He looks at me for a second and then resumes staring at his shoes. Losing my patience, I open my mouth to ask him how can he forget our anniversary, but right then Rick blurts out, “Umm… Jess, I need to talk to you.”

Studying him and noticing that his forehead is covered in beads of sweat, I stop myself in time and say, “Yes?” but that’s when the timer of the oven sings, “Oh shit, I’ll be back in a minute.”

Forgetting about our exchange and the heart-sinking feeling, I try to walk towards the oven as fast as I can and take out the pie tray. It feels a little dry when I check it, but it doesn’t matter because I was anyway making the sauce slightly runny, just the way Rick likes it.

I put the pie on the counter next to the stove and after stirring the applesauce, which is starting to look a little dry, I remember that Rick got a mail from his office yesterday that was marked urgent. “Oh shit!” Without turning the gas off I go back to the hall and picking up the parcel from the TV stand I hand it to Rick, “This came for you yesterday. I’m so sorry I forgot to tell you about it.”

I look at Juno and smile when I see that he’s dozed off.

I turn back to Rick, who gives me a small smile, takes the parcel and without even looking at it, he puts it beside him and shifts in his seat to face me, “Listen, Jess, I really need to tell you this right now, otherwise I won’t be able to get through with it.”

I sit down on slowly thinking what is the matter with him. “What happened Rick?”

“I wanted to tell this to you before, Jess, but I didn’t have the courage to tell you.” He closes his eyes tightly and takes a deep breath. Opening his eyes, he says “It’s not something that I planned for, so please, don’t hate me.”

All of a sudden my heart is pounding so loudly that I feel like throwing up, “What are you talking about?”

“I… I love someone else.”

My entire body freezes. What? 

I sit there staring at Rick’s face for a long time. My mind seems to have shut down. I see that Rick comes closer to me and gently shakes me by the shoulder. I look into his eyes and when my eyes settle on his lips I realize that he’s saying something. I shake my head as if to break the spell and hear him say, “Please say something Jessie, you’re scaring me.”

That’s when I smell a very strong smell of burning, but instead of rushing to the kitchen like I should, I sit there, still dumbstruck, and looking into Rick’s eyes I say, “My applesauce is burning.”


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NOTE: This is a piece of fiction any resemblance to any person or place (living or dead) is purely coincidental.

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10 Things That Are Stopping You From Writing

Every writer, whether they are big or small, experienced or newbie, published or unpublished, old or young, face the same fears and feel jittered before putting their work in front of the public (books, articles or any other content.)
What are these fears? What are the reasons that demotivate writers from writing? And finally, how to get over them and come out as a winner and go ahead with writing?

If you’re looking for answers to  these questions then go ahead and read.


10 Things That Are stopping You From Writing:

#1 Self-doubt

Self-doubt is nothing but a state of mind, just like confidence. But its one that can either stop you from growing or completely destroy you.

Everyone, at some point or the other, experiences the bitter taste of self-doubt, but the people who get over it are the ones who do not let it stop them from doing what they really want to do. By doing this they defeat self-doubt hands down.

Self-doubt is a plague that destroys your confidence and affects you in more ways than one. But don’t worry, if you’re going through a phase of self-doubt, then you are anything but alone. All you need to do  get a grip on your thoughts, be positive and believe in yourself and your work.

A long time back when I was facing self-doubt, I wrote down a very famous quote by Sylvia Plath on a square white paper and taped it to the wall opposite my study table.58888-51854

“The worst enemy of creativity is self-doubt.”
– Sylvia Plath

#2 Trying to do everything at the same time

This reason has plagued me for years and years. I can’t even remember a time where I haven’t faced this particular problem while starting with a new project (an article, essay, poem and even a book.) Whether it’s be writing or any other field, I always start a project and try to do everything at the same time, without realising that it is actually getting me nowhere.

Word Of The Week (WOW #30)

Hi guys!

Word Of the Week (WOW) is a weekly meme created by Heena Rathore P. (me.) It’s a fun way to improve one’s vocabulary by learning new words every week. If you want to participate then simply do a post with your WORD and leave the link to your post as a comment on one of my WOW post.


Here’s the WOW for this week :WOW-3



Part Of Speech:



  • balefully  adverb 
  • balefullness  noun


|ˈbeɪlfʊl-f(ə)l| ; bale·ful


Threatening harm; menacing.

Having a harmful or destructive effect.


Menacing, threatening, hostile, unfriendly antagonistic, evil, wicked, nasty, acrimonious, malevolent, malicious, malignant, sinister, virulent.


Benevolent, friendly.

Word Origin:

Usage Note: 

Baleful and baneful overlap in meaning, but baleful usually applies to something that is menacing or foreshadows evil: a baleful  look. Baneful most often describes that which is actually harmful or destructive: baneful effects of their foreign policy.

-The Free Dictionary by Random House

Use In Sentences:

  • She gave him a baleful stare.

    Source: Exit Within: the Gallegos Blog
    Source: Exit Within: the Gallegos Blog
  • He shot a baleful glance in her direction.

  • The baleful influence of Rasputin.


I hope you guys like this word and hope it’s useful to you in some or the other way! If you want to check out more words like this, then visit my page:

Word Treasure


Word Of The Week (WOW #29)

Hi guys!

Word Of the Week (WOW) is a weekly meme created by Heena Rathore P. (me.) It’s a fun way to improve one’s vocabulary by learning new words every week. If you want to participate then simply do a post with your WORD and leave the link to your post as a comment on one of my WOW post.


Here’s the WOW for this week :




Almost There!!! (Writing Progress #3)

Hello my dear readers, fellow bloggers and writers…

Finally I’ve written the last chapter of Deceived and now all I want to do is… get back to posting on my precious blogs!!! It’s been so long that I’ve written any post other than WOWs (and in that too I’ve missed a few.)

I’m done with my book’s final and revised third draft. Dagny has already proofread the first eight chapters and now that I’m done with the entire book, I’ll send her the rest of the chapters faster now. So hopefully we’ll be done by the… 15th of this month.

Well, I’ve done my study and I’ve decided to finally send the mail (post) to my favourite publisher with the first three chapters of of Deceived by the 10th of this month. Vishal will be representing me and I’m very sure that the first three chapters will make them ask for the entire manuscript and then we’ll see.

For now my main focus is to send all the chapters to Dagny and make all the corrections from her reports. Meanwhile, as I have a little free time (now that I’m done with all the writing-my-ass-off thing,) I am joining an art class to give myself something to be busy with. Because I know, if I won’t then I’ll be losing out – literally!

I’ve been so horrendously busy from last three months that now even the thought of taking some time off is freaking me out, so what better than art to keep myself busy. I’m joining a one month Canvas painting course, starting tomorrow. And I’m really looking forward to it.

I’ll be posting all my drawings and painting here on the blog but you can always catch up with me on twitter or Instagram as I’m always present there… *wink*

I’ll also be resuming reviewing from this week, so hopefully I’ll be back on track by next week 🙂

The other important thing is that I’ll be getting my final manuscript copyrighted before sending it to a few people I really want a testimonial from. It’ll help me in negotiating a much more solid deal with my publisher. So if any of you is interested (authors only as I’m going to be quoting them in my mail) please drop me a mail at to let me know.

I’ll be giving out the books only to 5 authors, I’m sorry, but I have serious time restrictions…

I hope you all are having a great time!

Ciao ❤