Kindle Paperwhite: The Good, The Bad and The Myth

Hey everyone,

At some point or the other every book-lover has written at least a single article on Kindle. I wanted to do too, but I also wanted to experience this much-talked-about e-reader first.

I’ll admit that I tried to stay away from e-readers for as long as possible. When I began reviewing books on request for my book blog, The Reading Bud, I was facing an unforeseen problem when the authors sent me their books in electronic format(e-books.) At that time, I was using Samsung Note-2, so I did the most sensible thing- I downloaded Aldiko. But after reading a couple of books, I started to feel the need for a better app. I tried a few other reading apps and finally found one that was better than Aldiko- UB Reader.


UB Reader was amazing and I totally loved it (and I still feel that it’s the best e-book reader for ANDROID.) I enjoyed this new experience of reading e-books on my notebook, but after a few months my eyes started to get stressed and I developed terrible headaches. I consulted my doctor and she told me that the backlight of my note was not good for my eyes at all.


I was devastated as I was really enjoying to read e-books, but the thought of picking up my note and reading again with the sharp backlight was enough to put me off every time. Meanwhile, I read a lot about the new Kindle Paperwhite. I once saw my cousin’s kindle (the old one) and I didn’t like the grey little thing with the tiny keyboard on it, and honestly, I thought that it was kind of sad-looking.

Now, with no option left, I finally told Vishal that I’ll go with the new Kindle (of course, after reading a few positive articles and reviews) but I was a bit skeptical all along.

Next day he handed me a small gift-wrapped box. I was so excited at the thought of this new amazing gadget, that I tore open the amazon box like a savage little girl (I hate tearing up boxes and gift-wrappers.) And inside was the most beautiful little tablet I’d ever seen! It was so gorgeous that I fell in love with it the moment I held it in my hands.

I right away named it- Eddard.

My Kindle- Eddard

Today, nine months and 250 e-books later (around 50 or so read), I’m here to share my experience with the incredible KINDLE PAPERWHITE:

The Good:

  1. Unbelievably long battery-life.
  2. Extremely light weight.
  3. Smart inbuilt dictionary
  4. Easy Wikipedia access.
  5. Soft backlight with easily adjustable brightness settings.
  6. Amazing display settings: Changeable fonts, font-size, line-spacing and margins.
  7. Smart Goodreads access.
  8. Organised shelving in the form of ‘Collections.’
  9. Kindle cloud.
  10. Smooth page turn.
  11. Kindle’s Vocabulary Builder (read more about it in my next article.)
  12. Easy sync.
  13. Brilliant note-making.
  14. Recommendations based on your Goodreads’ ‘To-read’ shelf
  15. Kindle’s Free Time
  16. Easy NetGalley Transfer.
  17. Easy bookmarking.
  18. Password protection.
  19. Thousands of free e-books provided by Amazon.
  20. Integrated Amazon shopping.
  21. Cheaper books.
  22. Easy to connectivity with laptops.
  23. Available in two variants: Wifi and 3G.

There are a lot more small little things that make Kindle perfect. In short, it’s the best e-book reader on the planet.

The Bad:


Honestly, there’s nothing bad about Kindle (unless you are a stupid little girl who wants to compare it to paperbacks- which, I must tell you, a lot of people do.)

The Myth:

The only thing going against Kindle, as far as I know,  is that people are stuck-up with the age-old belief that paperbacks/hardcovers are the best, no matter what.

There’s practically nothing wrong with Kindle. I’ve read more than a 100 articles that say that Kindle doesn’t have the feel of the paper or the smell of new and old pages. Well, obviously, because it’s NOT a physical book. It’s a device, a GADGET and the best one at that. People should understand that comparing it with paperbacks or hardcovers will only stop them from experiencing something new.

I use Kindle but still I’ve bought around 30 paperbacks in the last 8 months. I love physical books a lot, but it doesn’t mean that buying Kindle is the end of the world.

I’m a gadget fanatic and I love my little babies. I love my Kindle because it allows me to download the requested review books and NetGalley reads easily. I love it because if I’m not sure about buying an expensive book then I can buy a cheaper e-version and decide for myself whether or not I like it enough for keeping in my physical bookshelf.

In the end, I’d like to say that if you love reading and buying books then you should get yourself a KINDLE Paperwhite without a second thought!

Eddard at StarBucks

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