Kindle Paperwhite: The Good, The Bad and The Myth

Hey everyone,

At some point or the other every book-lover has written at least a single article on Kindle. I wanted to do too, but I also wanted to experience this much-talked-about e-reader first.

I’ll admit that I tried to stay away from e-readers for as long as possible. When I began reviewing books on request for my book blog, The Reading Bud, I was facing an unforeseen problem when the authors sent me their books in electronic format(e-books.) At that time, I was using Samsung Note-2, so I did the most sensible thing- I downloaded Aldiko. But after reading a couple of books, I started to feel the need for a better app. I tried a few other reading apps and finally found one that was better than Aldiko- UB Reader.


UB Reader was amazing and I totally loved it (and I still feel that it’s the best e-book reader for ANDROID.) I enjoyed this new experience of reading e-books on my notebook, but after a few months my eyes started to get stressed and I developed terrible headaches. I consulted my doctor and she told me that the backlight of my note was not good for my eyes at all.

Word Of The Week (WOW #25)

Hi guys!

Word Of the Week (WOW) is a weekly meme created by Heena Rathore P. (me.) It’s a fun way to improve one’s vocabulary by learning new words every week. If you want to participate then simply do a post with your WORD and leave the link to your post as a comment on one of my WOW post.


Here’s the WOW for this week :