First brief glimpse of Deceived

Deceived 2


A girl who’s trying to cope with the murders of her mother and 5 year old brother.
A journalist who is chasing the ghost of a long lost serial killer.
A teen who murders her parents.
And a revenge-driven psychopath who is about to destroy everyone’s life.

A psychological-thriller that weaves it’s way through the sadistic past of a traumatised child to the web of dark secrets of a beloved father.


I slowed down to a stop, bent on my knees and started to take in big gulps of air. I tried to listen for footsteps over the loud pounding in my head but I heard nothing.

A flood of relief washed over me and I sighed. I was alone.

All of a sudden I felt that someone was standing right behind me. I felt a warm breath on the nape of my neck and started to turn around when something heavy hit my head. I started to hear a distant echo in my head and fell on the wet ground. It was still raining. The world started to blur and it was painfully difficult to keep my eyes open. I could feel something warm around my cheek, blood.

And it was just before I closed my eyes that I heard that stone-cold voice β€œYou are not alone.”


This is the first time that I’ve shared something from inside the book and it feels like I’m showing you guys the face of my own child! *tears of joy*

I really hope that you guys like the blurb and the excerpt.

Please feel free to voice your opinions.

Note:Β This is not necessarily the final thing. But for now it is.

Have a great day everyone. πŸ™‚

Ciao ❀