10 Things To Make Your Mornings Fulfilling

Mornings are the most important aspect of each and every day. Depending upon how you spend your mornings, your day can be either very productive or simply horrible. Starting the day right is the key to have a more happy and productive day.

You might have observed that some days you are happy throughout the day and some days you feel irritated or agitated the entire time for no reason at all. Have you ever wondered why? Well, apart from the hormonal issues, most of the times it depends on the way you start your day.

If you begin your day on a happy and calm note, then 90% chances are that you’ll spend the rest of the day in the same way and vice-versa. So here are some things that I do to make my mornings happier and more fulfilling. These things have always helped me and I hope that they’ll help you too.

10 Things To Make Your Mornings Fulfilling

  1. Smile as big as you can right after you shut off your alarm clock (or phone.) It might make you feel silly and you might end up smiling some more.aa67cb553f5efcf3f24da2235eb81674
  2. Have a glass of warm water with juice of half a lemon (freshly squeezed.) It helps you get rid of all the toxins in the body and this greatly helps in reducing stress levels.Glass-of-water-with-lemon-and-lime
  3. Meditate for atleast 5-10 minutes.meditation
  4. Do basic stretches (hands, legs and neck.) It’ll hardly take 5 minutes.Woman practicing yoga in living room
  5. Make a list of 10 things that you are grateful for (a mental list will also do.)a12a89c6977728cb117a268d2d0d6881
  6. Think about the 3 things that you have to do today no matter what (it can be simple things as well, like laundry, watering plants etc.)
  7. Listen to one of your favourite tracks  or read a few pages of your favourite book while having your first cup of coffee/tea. IMG_2638
  8. Sing a song while you’re having a bath.367462-spongebob-square-pants-singing-spongebob
  9. Have a healthy and satisfying breakfast.Screen-Shot-2013-04-22-at-2.05.21-PM
  10. Smile as much as you can.smile-10

The basic idea is to not stress over anything. Don’t think about work or try not to in a way that makes you feel stressed. Try and be as calm and positive as you can.

Try to do these things and you’ll see the difference from the first day itself. From my experience I can say that you’ll feel very happy and fresh and your day will be quite a bit more productive than usually it would. good-morning-quotes-for-friends-good-morning-quotes-with-images-good-morning-cool So, what do you do to make your mornings fulfilling? Do share in the comments because I’d love to add more stuff to my personal list 🙂

Have a great day!