A Leap Of Faith!

6841256090_655ee181e8_zHi everyone!

I’m so glad to finally get the time to tell you all guys about my book. From last 2 months I’ve been planning to get the outline straight for my debut book. I had a small idea and over the last two months I spent time watching a lot of slasher and horror movies in order to get an idea as to what really is a good thriller. I’ve watched quite a few dozen slasher movies as well and finally I had a rough idea for my book’s twists and turns.

I made a lot of notes and a few story boards, and finally I think I might have something that can be turned into a book that I myself would like to read. I wasted good 20 days procrastinating the first draft and hence, when I came across JuNoWriMo, I knew that it was what I needed!

I’ve outlined a bunch of chapters and have a foggy idea about the characters. So now as May is ending, I’m about to take a big leap of fait and jump start my first draft from 1st June for JuNoWriMo. I’m gonna explore the plot and characters thoroughly while writing the FD itself.

I’ve promised myself (and V) that I’m gonna get the first draft done by the end of June. I’m seriously considering to get this book published (with a big publisher) by the end of this year and I know it’s not that easy… but honestly, nothing in life ever is!

So I have high hopes for this book and I hope that you all will like it whenever it gets published!

Here a short blurb that I’ve penned down (of course it’s rough) and the cover that I’ve made in Canva (of course, it’s just a working cover with a working title… something to motivate myself- more like a real visualisation):

Deceived 2
Designed by me @ Canva

It’s about a couple who’ve recently shifted to an isolated setting with just a bunch of neighbours to begin a happy new life. But soon they’ll discover the horror that awaits them. The psycho neighbours have been waiting for Alison from a long time!

The story completely turns in the last few pages and ends with a possibility of a sequel.

It’s a psycho thriller that’ll mainly focus on the female lead. I’m still confused about which person I should write the book in (I’m working with first-person for now.) This book will show different phases in my lead’s life and her growth as she realises how deceiving near and dear ones can be.

Later part of the book will focus on her survival and an ultimate plot twist in the last line.

I hope you guys can imagine now that why I’ve been MIA this entire month (or most of it) but I’ll be back to my normal posting routine and also on my blog-catching ups from 1st June.

I’ll be posting about my progress in WriMo regularly but still all of you are more than welcome to ask me about my book anytime (as it’ll really make me feel good and inspired!)


I hope you guys are all doing well… please let me know what all you’ve been upto this entire month in the comments below… would love to hear from each and every one of you!

Have a great day!!!

Ciao ❤