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Hi guys…

I’ve been on to some awesome blogs this week and again saw the MailChimp Email Subscription Forms. This time I promised my self that I’ll die trying to make my own campaign (as I’ve failed miserably a couple of times before!) Here’s my small cute button for subscription that I designed with Canva: SHOP-2 As mentioned in the pic, please click on the pic to get directed to the subscription form. I’m planning to keep this newsletter strictly monthly. It will contain all about the posts that I put up each month along with some some fun stuff as an additional bonus, like some great writing articles, or some other awesome blogs that catch my attention, etc..

As this newsletter will be monthly, there is no chance of your inbox getting cluttered at all! Plus, you can always unsubscribe in the future (but I really hope that you don’t!) I hope all of you will subscribe to my monthly newsletter.

I hope you all are having a great day!