JuNoWriMo Participation Announcement

Hey guys… It’s been quite a while since I posted something about what I’m doing these days. Actually I’ve been a bit busy writing the chapter-summaries of my debut novel and also organising stuff for the next month as I’m participating in JuNoWriMo.

Image Credit: JuNoWriMo Website
Image Credit: JuNoWriMo Website

JuNoWriMo is June Novel Writing Month, started by Becca J. Campbell and Anna Howard to have a slightly different take on a month long noveling adventure. For starters, you don’t have to write fiction (You can write creative non-fiction, so bring on the funny/meaningful memoirs or whatever else), write a new work (Did you write 5 pages last month and you can’t get going? That’s okay, write the next 50,000 words with us!), or work on all one piece (Want to write short stories? Knock out 5 of 10K words each, and you’re there!).

JuNoWriMo (Website)

I love interacting with Becca on JuNoWriMo’s Fb page. She is truly awesome and most importantly always addresses all the queries.

I’m planning to get my first draft done by the end of this WriMo, so that I can publish my book by the end of this year (hopefully!)

Honesty, I like JuNo better than NaNo as it is really welcoming. Nano is also welcoming but it’s just too hyped for my taste, plus whenever I’m at the NaNo page it always reminds me that there are like, more than 10,000 other authors better than me and that ultimately leads me to underestimate my work and talent. So this year I wanna start light. So, I’m participating in JuNoWriMo which feels comparatively less crowded.

If you are also participating in JuNo then let me know through comments as I’d love to share ‘the writing enthu!’

If you want to know more about JuNoWriMo then visit their Website, Facebook page or Twitter handle.

Here’s my ‘first time WriMo badge’:

Image taken from JuNoWriMo’s Facebook page.

PS: I wasn’t able to post this week’s WOW. If you participate in WOW then please leave your links here or on my previous WOW post.