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Hi guys,

I’ve been nominated for a lot of awards (and repeat awards) in the last few months, but being the lazy duck that I am, I procrastinated the posts to no end and now I’ve lost track of all the awards and the ones who nominated me… So I’ve decided to forget about the old awards and begin anew. If you’ve awarded me any wards in these past months then I’m really sorry for not doing a post on them. But from now on I’ll post the award posts as soon as I’ll receive them. So here’s an award post for the one I received last week.

One of my good blog-friends, Bruce, nominated me for the Liebster Award. Bruce is totally into movies, comics and video-games. Whenever I have to ask about anything related to comics (or Batman) I go to him. He runs 2 amazing blogs: Precinct1313 and The View From My Phone, if you haven’t already checked them out then please do now. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them as much as I do 🙂



Nomination Rules:

Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

Answer the questions by the nominator.

Nominate other blogs you love.

Notify your nominees.

Create eleven questions for your nominees.

The Questions:

1. If you could live anywhere, real or fictional, where would that be?

Real: SWITZERLAND! It’s my dream home and V has promised me that in the next 3-5 years we’ll be settled in Switzerland (and hence my German classes!) 😀

Fictional: Gotham City 🙂

2. What super power would you choose if given the opportunity?

I’m more of a magic type of gal… so I want magic like a fairy (or a witch) otherwise I’m ready to trade anything for Batman’s super cool gadgets… 😉

3. What would you say was your greatest achievement in life so far?

I’ve achieved a lot in my life but always to the satisfaction of my parents (excellent grades, admission in the best university, doing 3D Animation Filmmaking, etc.) I was always the perfect kid they had to show off to everyone (like our daughter is the first female engineer in both our families and that kinda crap.) So my biggest achievement so far will be quitting my main-stream career to be a writer. I know most of you will think that it’s not an achievement yet but for me it is, as breaking my parents’ ego for doing something I love was the hardest thing I ever did. But at the end I’m glad that I did! (Thanks a lot V for supporting me and showing me the right direction!)batman-quotes-about_love

4. Who is your favourite Superhero? (bonus points if it’s Bats or Wondy! 😉

Without a single spec of doubt Batman. (Now I get the bonus points 😉 )

The reason he is my favourite is because he’s not like other super heroes (they seem to me quite unrealistic!) I love Batman cause he doesn’t have any super powers like shooting laser beam through eyes or flying (pssssttt…) but he has the real super powers like courage and morals, not to forget, hell loads of money and super cool gadgets!


5. Favourite quote from comic, novel or movie?

I’m not a fan of quotes from books… though, I’m a huge admirer of Stephen King’s books, so all the King’s quotes are my favourite 🙂

Also, I ike this one from the web:


6. Keaton, West or Bale: who is your favourite Caped Crusader?

BALE is the best!

7. Are you a Cat or Dog person?

Definitely a dog person. I’ve had dogs since my childhood and I’m soon to be a dog-mommy again! 😀

8. If you could grant one wish to the world, what would that be?

To the world??? Hmmmm… well, to have a peaceful, loving and green earth! 🙂 (I hope I’ve got the meaning of the question correctly!)

9. What in your opinion is the greatest TV series of all time?


10. How many fingers am I holding up right now? (nothing rude, I promise) 😉


11. Wonder Woman or Power Girl, who would triumph in a battle royale?

Wonder Woman… Catwoman


Well, now’s the hard part… to nominate a few bloggers, which is totally unfair!

I nominate ALL my readers as you all deserve all the awards in the world… so if you want to receive this award please go ahead and do a post.

Thanks for reading ❤

Have a great day!

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