Workout Progress #1

Hello dear reads *friendly waves* πŸ™‚

In my post 2015 Resolutions, I promised a lot of things along with my workout and walking goals. Reading everyone’s warm comments I really felt encouraged to follow everything even more seriously (THANKS a lot to one and all!) You guys really encouraged me in my daily walk routines as well. So I’ve decided to keep all of you updated about my progress, especially in the above said goals.

I haven’t started working out as such, but I’ve started to prepare for it. I started walking from 11th January and in the following table you can see my progress as recorded by S Health (which I got along with Cigna Coach as an app in my Note-4.) It’s a great app and lets me know much more than the basic stuff. It monitors my steps (with pedometer), heartbeats, stress levels and my meals as well.

Here’s the chart:

Date (January’2015)


Calories Burnt



2.05 km

125 kcal


2.71 km

182 kcal


3.02 km

203 kcal


2.84 km

190 kcal


3.31 km

223 kcal


3.92 km

263 kcal


1.90 km

127 kcal





0.97 km

66 kcal


3.65 km

247 kcal


4.00 km

269 kcal





4.01 km

270 kcal





2.03 + 2.11

4.14 km

137 + 142

279 kcal




1.29 +Β  3.20

4.49 km

86 + 215

301 kcal



3.16 + 3.02

6.18 km

213 + 203

416 kcal



I started skipping from 25th only, it’s been just 3 days but my legs ache quite a lot. I’m gonna increase sets and reps very slowly and carefully. Here are two great articles on skipping I found on net:

I’m searching for an app for monitoring my water consumption (which I’ve started using just recently, so in the table above I haven’t included my water consumption but I’ve worked quite a lot in increasing it by 50% than before. It’s still not enough but atleast it’s good for a start, what say?

Here’s my rough diet plan focusing on having light food, especially very light dinner:

  • As soon as I wake up: 1 glass warm lemon-water (1/2 lemon for now).
  • 1 glass of water + 4-5 nuts before going for walk.
  • After walk I eat 1 bowl oatmeal + 1/2 cup milk + 3/4 apple/ or some strawberries.
  • Regular Indian lunch with 1-2 chapati + vegetable curry + curd + dal + salad.
  • Then after evening walk I eat 1 bowl of porridge + 1/2 cup milk + 1 fruit (mostly pear)
  • And 1 hr before sleeping I have 1 cup of cold milk.

I’m not on a strict veg-diet but so far I’ve had chicken only 3 times. So far I’ve already lost 4 kgs (8.81 pounds) and I’ll be happy even if it stays the same for the next few days πŸ™‚

I’m not at all starving! Initially I felt quite grumpy, but after a week I got used to the entire process. Now I’ve adjusted to this schedule and I’m planning to squeeze in my Zumba sessions and yoga from next week or maybe the one after that.

That’s all I have to say for now, but I do have a few questions for you:

  1. Do you drink green tea, why or why not?
  2. If you do then do you have a special way to make it taste better? (I hate it’s taste!)
  3. If you know the technicalities of dieting then can you tell me how much sugar I should have per day as per my routine?
  4. Do you use apps to guide you in your daily exercise/dieting?
  5. Do you use apps to monitor water consumption? Please tell which one.
  6. If you know other heath related apps then please share with us!

Please feel free to ask anything you want or if you have any advice or suggestions then please share them. Also, you have the liberty to ask me anytime for my progress (please do!) so that I can stay motivated.