RMFAO 2015 Genre Challenge

Hello dear readers,
I’m very excited to announce that I’ve created a reading-challenge: 2015 RMFAO Genre Challenge.
Every year we all think of reading atleast one book from all the genres but as the year progresses everything changes. This challenge will help you make sure that you read all the major genres in 2015.

Genre list for each month:

January- Science-Fiction
February- Crime/Mystery
March- Romance1
April- Young Adult
May- Classics/Literary
June- Non-Fiction
July- Dystopian/Apocalyptic
August- Contemporary
September- Humour
October- Horror
November- Historical
December- Adventure/Fantasy


1. ToΒ participate follow The Reading Bud and join RMFAO (Goodreads group)
2. You have to read atleast 1 book each month for respective genre (as per above list)
3. You have to select a level (from the list below) and make an announcement here as well as your blog (if you have one.)


Level 1: Casual Reader: 1 book (easy)
Level 2: Frequent Reader: 2 books (moderate)
Level 3: Bookworm: 3 books (mildly strenuous)
Level 4: Bibliophile: 4 books (strenuous)
Level 5: Bookiopath: 5 books or more (challenging)

Please mention what type of books you’ll read:
PB: paperback
EB: e-Book


1. Take your time and go through your entire TBR-list before deciding the books to read.
2. You can join the challenge at any point of time.
3. You can drop out of the challenge any time you like.
4. You can select different levels every month.
5. Use this discussion board to share your reads with other members of the group.

Have a wonderful evening!