Save that IDEA!

Most of the times we just keep the ideas in our mind and think that we don’t have enough ideas to start writing, but guess what, all you’re doing is killing all those ideas that your mind already has! Trust me, you’ll never really have enough ideas to make you get up and start writing and even if you do get to writing after you’ve got a lot of ideas, it’ll be too late and you’ll end up forgetting most of them.

The key is to write down the ideas as soon as one pops up in your mind or try to write it down ASAP! Do not take your ideas for granted.Save that IDEA

You might think that it is not as important as I’m trying to project it but wait for a second and think again. Have you ever thought about an excellent idea and thought “wow, now that’s a good idea!” but you don’t write it down thinking that you’ll remember it and will be able to recall it later whenever you want.

Guess what, that’s never going to happen, because when you don’t take the pain to write it down, the idea starts disintegrating. Later when you’ll try to recall it, the best you ‘ll be able to do is recall some fragments of it and that too only if you’re lucky enough.

Sometimes, while working on one topic, I get a dozen ideas for other topics simultaneously. I know it can be messy, but still I try and take a page and note down whatever comes to my mind. I prefer to use post it as I can just put it on my work desk and won’t forget to work on them.

Some simple options to collect ideas:

  1. Smartphones: Almost everyone has one but some people are really lazy when it comes to using the smartphones for smart purposes. I use Samsung Galaxy Note-4 and I use it to the fullest. I have around 200 notes that I made over a period of just a few months and more often than not they help me outlining a story, a scrib and even a blog post. I’ve written a full-length novel using around 100 or so such notes, so yeah, they do work. I can’t even imagine myself not penning down my thoughts If at all I would have ignored it I would have been struggling to remember those ideas till now.10320216-cartoon-illustration-showing-a-generic-smartphone-with-a-smiling-face
  2. Post It Notes: These little cutie pies are truly amazeballs when it comes to writing ideas in short. They are so beautiful and I have them in every size and colour! The walls of my study room are full of these post-its and I feel so happy just looking at them. For easy access, I keep at least q post-it in every room with a small pen.
    Try to do this and you’ll be amazed to see how any ideas you can collect.
  3. Small Diaries: If you can’t make use of your smartphones then try and keep a small diary and a small pencil or pen in you pocket at all times. Really, Am I kidding? Absolutely Not! You are a writer (or if you want to be) then start acting like one. I always have my sling bag and various loose papers and small notebooks with me along with at least 2 pens. You never know when you can get hit by a brilliant idea that can potentially change your life (no kidding!)3900113-560258-paper-vector-notebook-with-small-pen
  4. Try and be resourceful! If you’re in a hotel, ask the waiter for a pen and write down on a tissue! (I’ve done this a number of times.) If you’re going somewhere and have no paper, then stop at a stationary and get one. I mean, how hard can it be to get a paper and a pen (not to forget your amaing smartphones and tablets.)

If you have your little ideas in order then you can write freely for hours and hours. Noting down your ideas can save you from the worst problem that a writer faces- “Writer’s Block“. I believe that if you have all your ideas with you, there are fewer chances that you’ll ever have a writer’s block long enough to demoralize you.

Everyone has IDEAS but not everyone

Ideas are the soul of one’s writing. Without them, you’ll be sitting with a blank paper. So next time note down your ideas as soon as you can.

Have a great day 🙂

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