New Review Format

Whenever I sit down to review a book, all the things that I wanna say about the book instantly floods my mind and sometimes I see that I’ve mistakenly forgotten to write about 1-2 points. That’s the reason I broke my review in 3 categories- Positives, Negatives and Conclusion. But from last month or so I’m feeling like this is also not enough. So, after considering a lot of options I’ve come to a conclusion to change my entire review criteria.

Image Credits: Literacy Blog: Melissa Musser
Image Credits: Literacy Blog: Melissa Musser

From now on I’m gonna break down my reviews in 8 categories so that I don’t miss out on any point. In these 8 points I’m gonna include Blurb and Cover art as well cause I  think that these are the 2 things that draws the readers attention to the books and no one ever really talks about them in reviews. I think that these are also important enough to comment on. The categories in which I’m gonna break down my review are as following:

  1. Plot 
  2. Characters
  3. Romance
  4. Writing
  5. Beginning 
  6. Ending (it’s really important, specially in series.)
  7. Cover Art (90% of the time I decide whether to read a book based on it’s cover art.)
  8. Blurb (yes, sometimes they mislead and that has to be pointed out!)

I’m having a great feeling now that I’ve made it official. The only concern is that I’ll have to review the old titles again in this format (but that can wait, right!)

I’d love to hear what you think about my new format. Fell free to share what’s on your mind 🙂

Have a great day 😀

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