A Wish Come True!

Hey guys... I have a very happy post to share with all you lovely people today! I've got my Note-4, Charcoal Black! Since the time I got my first Note, I've been a huge fan of Samsung phones (yes, I like them even more than iPhones!) I love the easy interface of Notes and the unlimited [...]

RMFAO Buddy-Read #1: Pet Sematary

Hi guys! I hope you all had a great weekend! As most of you know that I've created a group on Goodreads, RMFAO (if not, then read about it here or visit the group on Goodreads here.) In November we'll be having our first buddy-read. Being a huge Stephen King's fan I wanted to begin [...]

L’ORÉAL’s Medium-Brown it is!

Hey guys! I've been planning on getting a very particular look for my hair in terms of colour, and finally I've figured out (on my own!) how to get it. My natural hair colour is Dark-Brown, something like chocolate-fudge, with just the tinniest hints of a lighter shade of brown. Awesome right! But as always I'm [...]

It Really Is “All About the Books”

You’ve gotta watch this!

PS: I guess the video won’t play for some reason! Please visit the original post and watch it over there. It’s really awesome!

The Roaming Librarian

Um, so, this is awesome. It is my new theme song! I really have nothing more to add. Just watch it. I loved it!


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RMFAO (Reading My Frigging A** Off)

Hi friends! I've created my first group on Goodreads: RMFAO (Reading My Frigging A** Off). Isn't the name amazeballs! I'm really, really excited and would love to invite you all to join it. I'm planning to have a lot of buddy-reads and a hell loads of Read-a-Thons! I'll be posting about them here, on The Reading Bud as well [...]

The Right Decision

Hi guys! I haven't been active from past 10 days as I was down with fever and allergic cough. Vishal is still recovering from the viral he caught, and so am I 😐 The last 2 weeks of illness have given me enough time to rethink about what I really wanna do and more importantly how I'm [...]