Hello, I’d like to welcome you to my author website!

I am Heena, an award-winning Indian author of dark fiction novels. I work as a literary editor and manuscript critic. And frequently conduction workshops and lectures on Creative Writing and Fiction Writing.

Here you will find latest news and updates about my upcoming novels and stories along with a plethora of resources on writing as well as reading.

I love reading books, travelling and taking care of cats.

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What Readers Say

“… where this book catches you off-guard is the sheer unapologetic brutality and savagery the writer has induced in the book.”


“The author slowly feeds us hungry readers with bits and pieces of information that only manage to make the story more compelling and raise more questions than before! So naturally, I had to stay up all night- half terrified- trying to finish the book before I went insane due to all the suspense!”


“Heena Rathore’s debut novel is a brilliant psychological thriller that keeps you guessing until the very last page. Her heroine, Allison Stone, is a deeply flawed protagonist with a troubled past who is equal parts tragic and compelling.”


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